Thursday, September 17, 2015

Surprise Surprise

I sound like a broken record. 

I literally don't know how you all do this. 


With lives. 

Everyday or semi everyday. 

I have enough time (barely) to sleep, make my lunches, gym, work & ride. That's it. 

Boarding has helped tremendously. 

I've ridden almost every other day, which is fucking fabulous. We look like shit because each of us has taken a solid amount of time off (like holy shit, we are weak AF), so please disregard position and things. 

I just haven't had time to blog about it, because, you know, adulting.  (It's also not horribly interesting because I am currently working on both of us getting our strength back. Which is a lot of slow, annoying work and little bit of more of tasty complicated work, tossed in like bacon bits on a salad. Think of the long and slow work like lettuce. Necessary & good for you, but evil.) 

Like, I finally put my laundry away. This hasn't happened in literal months. It usually lives in rotating piles of cleanliness or filth. 

Don't even want to mention the pile of bills I acquired from hospitalization that haunt my dreams. 

But I still want to blog, just haven't been able to. 

don't know if it's just me, but it takes me almost a full hour to write one post that I'm satisfied with. And I have several on deck that need to be written, which translates to several hours of writing, formatting and getting pictures on said posts. 

It's a pain in the ass honestly. 

I can do so from work when it's slow, but only from my phone, due to internet restrictions. And I HATE the formatting from mobile blogger. It's also harder to write & make it flow/sound okay, on a tiny screen. 

So my question to you all is, how the frick do you do it?? Live lives, do things and still find the time to write beautiful, well thought out, lovely everyday 



  1. I haven't in a while. Real life and adulting is taking precedence. Hopefully it's just a phase...

    That shot of you and Lilly is beautiful :D

  2. He is busy with that tail, isn't he? So cute! And having a disease that makes you leave your job helps, but then you don't feel healthy enough to do anything or sometimes you can't get your hands to type words, and then you are back on the struggle bus.

  3. I find myself rambling when I do blog all the time. Like I have nothing to write about... So I try to maybe do it 1x per week. But like you said, adulting... It takes precedence over blogging in my life too. I think you do just find. Love the pictures.

  4. It's hard to get it all in as much as I'd like. I've started to just prioritize better :) adulting stinks?

  5. It is REALLY hard to adult and ride and blog. I do it by not adding lots of media. Makes for boring text posts but the time it takes for me to upload pics (especially with my internet?!?!) and try to format? I wouldn't ever have time to blog if I did that. I end up blogging once ever 1-2 weeks when I am super busy. Just enough so peeps know I didn't die and that I am keeping a vague record of the goings on.

  6. I can churn one out in like 15 minutes most days. A lot of times I'll spend an hour on the weekend (usually like 6am on a Sunday) and draft 4-5 that I can pick from throughout the week, if I don't have time to write them as I go.

  7. i write a couple at a time, which helps. the bigger help tho is a job with no internet restrictions :) glad to hear you're getting in so much saddle time!

  8. My advice: live your life. Document of possible if not, enjoy it while you have it. Better to be caught up in living and loving your life then spending it behind a computer screen. There it is. My advice. Not that you asked for it but you love me so you have to hear it. ;) signed your adopted mother <3

  9. I feel you!! Since my hours at work increased on top of all the home projects, I've been too busy to blog also. I basically only ride and blog on the weekends. It sucks! I hate being a "weekend warrior". Oh well, we do what we have to do. I'm with you though... it takes me a good hour to make a post I'm happy with because I'm picture obsessed lol. If I didn't have to resize and watermark my photos that would seriously cut down on the time it takes to do a post, but I really don't care for text only posts...... I like Amy's advice, however it seems like it's not enjoyable things that take up so much of my time.... heck taking pictures and blogging is part of the fun that I miss! Anyway, I enjoy all of your posts, even these broken record ones hehe.


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