Friday, October 16, 2015

Buzz Buzz

I have time for a short and sweet update from le iPhone before work (apologies in advance for formatting). I have so many updates, I need a real computer for those!

Also in case anyone didn't read my last post, just a reminder of how majestic and wonderful B has been lately...

I've been having a rough week in the ways of non riding, and got the immediate urge to clip my horse, instead of ride, on a random weeknight at 9PM. 

So of course, despite no planning, bathing, clipper sharpening or real attack plan of any kind, I drove out to the barn and clipped my horse. 

Sometimes, instead of adulting and thinking things out, I just jump in and hope for the best. 

Bacardi is not one to stand very nicely for the clippers and I knew that going in with this random clip job. I figured I might just brush him off and then be like "Surpise bitch, you're getting naked today". 

It worked to a certain extent actually. 

Last year I had to take three separate days, sedate and twitch him to get the job done. And he still wouldn't let me touch him in some areas. Clipping his neck has been a real problem. Not only does he HATE it, but that is literally the weirdest shaped body part on a horse and when said horse is dancing about, flipping his head around, clean lines do not get drawn. 

Last year this resulted in me saying fuck it and shaving almost all his hair clean off. 

This year, he was much better. 

I even free handed a design on his butt. Because we all need to make dat ass show out & it's my specialty. 

Despite standing like a total goon, I think he looks pretty good. 

I've done some cool stuff on Yankee before too and really do enjoy clipping

Miss him. 

That aside. 

He was extremely dirty (not reccomended) and I'm sure I ruined my blades, but also, fuck it. It was time for new ones anyways and I just HAD to clip that night. Because I had to.

"Treats now? No more photos please"

I'm well aware the lines aren't great, but he was very convinced the clippers were ripping his skin off and flinched the entire time I was clipping his neck and shoulders. Really difficult to get perfect lines with a twitchy horse. However, I'm not even mad. Twitching is a big step down from lunge-rearing and breaking crossties. Go B!

Last years clip, a sad combination of "oh fuck I messed up all the lines, shave it all off and okay horse won't let me clip here"

I kept the trace high this year, taking off all the hair from his chest, most of his neck and some belly, but leaving the rest, save for chevrons. He didn't have an issue staying fat last year while mostly naked, but he didn't need to be fully clipped and blanketing was a bitch. He does sweat like crazy, so If I need to take more off as the winter goes on, we can, but he's high energy enough as is without the cold wind biting at his skin. 

I DID snag this quarter sheet (Rambo Newmarket) I've been lusting after for literal years and I'm confident it will make us even more magical. Because stuff and things.. It was bottom dollar and a friend was selling it and I was like YAS PLZ. Kind of how I purchased Bacardi to begin with, HAHAHAHA. 

Anyways, I'm rambling, but he's been very good lately & I think he looks rather dapper with his new haircut. 


  1. *high five* for a fellow clipping-enjoyer. Can't wait to do Courage!

  2. I'm incredibly impressed at your free hand lines!

  3. Wow I can't believe you did that free hand! That looks awesome!!! He's so handsome!