Thursday, November 12, 2015

Round Two, Part Three

As promised, I was able to finish clipping the beast last night. That makes it the second session for the second session of the year. Ha. 

First time I clipped a very low trace with chevrons (because chevrons)! 

most likely did it too early since he grew it all back in 4 weeks, but it needed to be done. No one wants to be working in 80 degree weather with a winter coat.

If you're not caught up, I randomly decided to re clip him on Monday, but my blades were terribly dull and I'm currently nursing a shoulder injury and I only got one side finished. 

Yesterday I came into some cash and logically spent most of it on clipper blades. Because clipper blades are more imperative than gasoline or food, obviously. That can wait one more day. 

It was then that I discovered that I have a real problem, when I realized I now own four sets of clipper blades; 3 very old and very fucked up sets and one shiny new set. 


At $40/set, I should probably just find a blade sharpener guy...but no. Going to the store is easier and probably just as expensive as getting them sharpened, right?

There's nothing like new blades though. 

Something is very satisfying about smoothly cutting through horse hair like a hot knife through butter. 

Bacardi pleased me as well, by standing stock still for this session. A radical
improvement from last year with drugs and sedation and several sessions. The only thing he was skeptical about was trimming his muzzle. I'm pretty sure he though that the clippers were some sort of horse nose devouring machine and he wouldn't let me near his muzzle with them turned on. However, clipped his face just fine. Good man. 

I got a little squirrelly and kept making adjustments to the clip. 

He kinda of reminds me of a dragon with  bright red polos and chevrons all over, but I think it's....creative. Not exactly what I was going for, but that's what I get when I freehand with my left arm. 

Good news is he looks really dapper with tack on and I can't wait to get more pictures...when I can actually ride again. 

Didn't get great news from the specialist today, and we are rushing to get an MRI. Fingers crossed I don't need surgery, since I just visited the hospital less than 8 weeks ago and was FINALLY  getting back in the groove. 

So it looks like no lesson Monday and I'm being grounded for now. 

Why does this always happen :/


  1. I think think he looks awesome!! (Says the girl who has clipped a mini, a pony, and a cow - with the cow this far being the one I clipped most) seriously though, I want your mad skillz.

    Also I really hope your shoulder turns out alright and that there's a quicker/ less sucky fix than surgery :(:(:(

  2. So much fancier than mine haha. They don't pay me enough to get creative :p
    Get those puppies sharpened! A good dude can get them sharper than what they are out of the box. It should only cost $6-$8 per blade set of the large ones and $5 for the little blades to be sharpened. that's what mine cost and I have $13 sets of blades now though so I know the struggle of buying new! Also, if you're clipping a lot and the clippers start to get loud or hot early on you can get them serviced and cleaned instead of having to get a new one! (and at $250 for the cheap ones or around 50 to fix them if everything is fucked it's much easier on the wallet haha.
    I do all this shit with my clippers every year and it runs me around $150 with shipping to get them all sharpened and my clippers cleaned and serviced. But I also do 13ish horses a winter.
    Sorry, nerded out there on you a bit!

  3. Yes, sharpened blades can be awesome, and a much better price than new blades. Around here $10 and $12 for small and large blades. Love your clip job!

  4. Rivers Edge/ Leah Morgan in Columbus does it for $6 a blade. they do a nice job and service the clippers as well. A service is $25 plus whatever parts it might need.

  5. Sharpening blades is so cheap, yo. I get mine sharpened until there's nothing left of them. Really hoping you don't have to get surgery! We need lots of winter riding Bacardi pictures!

  6. I really hope you don't have to have surgery. :( So are the pro pics being rescheduled? You aren't going to miss out on them are you?? B looks awesome! I can't believe you did that with your left hand. I wouldn't even have the guts to try that. I'm very much one sided haha. I'm glad he was such a good boy for his clipping.