Wednesday, December 2, 2015

In With the New, Out With the "Old"

Since I spent a mini fortune on updating a few things in my tack box, I decided it was only logical to clean out my barn and get rid of a few pretty nice things I never use anymore. 

I posted on English Tack Trader from Facebook already and have been overrun with questions and messages today, but I figured why not extend the feelers on blog land. I really have no use for some of these things and truly just hope someone else can get some use of of them...making a few dollars is just a perk. 

From the listing on Tack Traders;

Sorry for the ugly screenshots, I'm at work and wanted to do this before I forgot!

Pictures of items in no particular order (though I tried, sorry!) are as follows!

Again, sorry for the horrendous pictures, formatting etc. 

I MAY decide to sell my super nice HDR 5 way, but I'm not sure. Will update. 

I also will be selling some breeches that no longer fit me and two helmets that are still good, but I no longer use. Don't worry, not listing the bashed up CO II 

I'm a little leery of putting my email out online for everyone to see, so if any of you want anything, comment below or message me on Facebook or text me! 

No pressure ;)


  1. Lots of fun things for sale! I hope you sell all of it. I wish I could buy some, but I am not allowed ;)

  2. Ugh, I should sell more stuff too. BUT WHAT IF I NEED IT AGAIN IN 10 YEARS?! lol

  3. I was so excited when I saw the myler until I scrolled back up and saw it was sold :(

    A few tempting things in there.