Friday, December 11, 2015

The Wanty List

As a self addressed tack whore, normally my Christmas list is much more extensive. This year, because no one ever gets me what I ask for anyways, I decided to purchase a lot of things I wanted and needed with my bonus. I don't regret it for a second, but I had to think pretty hard to compile an actual list of things I would want, that people might be able to afford. 

I did not succeed. 

There's this thing that horse things are outrageously expensive and when proposed to friends and family, they always sheepishly and politely decline. 

I don't blame them. 

I'm very lucky that I was able to buy most of the things on my own, and never discount that privilege. If I were to make a list though, and propose it to anyone, I wouldn't be able to resist asking for a few things despite the expense. 

For The Horse:

The latest and greatest on the market for eventing boots. Generally I don't jump on the bandwagon for much, since the prices are usually WAY over what I could afford....but at Riding Warehouse (where I got my Stubben girth) they're under $80. That's a price even I would pay for the quality. Cob Jockey did a review on these boots that completely sealed the deal for me and if I don't get them for Christmas or Birthday (in JAN), I will be purchasing on my own. What struck my fancy was the heat dissapation qualities, the fact they would match my bell boots (obviously) and the strike plate. I love this entire product and I need them in my trunk. What respectable eventer wouldn't??

Secondly, after Amanda from $900 Facebook Pony did a review on Teddy's Tack Trunk brushes (my wallet hates her) my brain decided I HAD to have them. 

Sadly this set is sold out, probably because of Amanda, but her review was informative and alluring. Bacardi is notoriously sensitive to brushing and primping and therefore I only run down with a quick brushing with the softest brush possible. Like many of us, I've never really thought too hard about my grooming kit and have purchased everything from my local TSC.  Getting mud off of him is a nightmare and the main reason I clip as much if him as possible. Even then, in the winter he reacts weirdly to something and has extra sensitive skin. These brushes look amazing and are high quality and they too belong in my trunk. I believe this set was about $65, but I can't quite remember. Again, if I don't get these as a gift, I'll most likely be ordering on my own. 

For The Me's:

Why yes those would be plaid full seat Pipers from Smartpak in which I am currently addicted. SIDENOTE they're having a sale today only on Pipers AND I have the code "MyPiper" for an additional 20% off. And yes it is working. I know because I bought yet another pair today. 

These however are just slightly out of my comfortable price range (which is sad) at $87 and I'm really begging for them this year. You can never have enough of your favorite brand of riding pants, and since I recently lost a ton of weight, my closet needed an overhaul. Sure I already have 3 pairs, but c'mon, PLAID. 

Some of you may be asking why I'm asking for another XC vest. I used to own a Tippersry eventer and I loved it with all of my being, but one of my very special ex boyfriends stole it and sold it on the internet after remembering me say how expensive they were. Along with my show breeches, coat and boots. 


Full price is outrageous and it was a gift from my parents years ago when they still gifted hugely expensive items like Tipperary, but I can't ask for this now from anyone. 

I can dram right? Sadly if I want to event, I will have to beg to borrow or suck it up and buy one off eBay. Luckily, my watch is still in my possession. Whew. 

Lastly, since I live by my planner, I stumbled upon Lily Pulitzer and was really turned on by their planners. Geek mode. Seriously though if it's not in my planner it basically doesn't exist and the one I have now is too big and isn't hardback. 

I dislike the bendy-ness of this massive guy and decided I don't like how big it is in general. The Lily agenda is a cheap $36 for a very well made and lovely planner. They even include stickers as reminders and many options for covers. I personally like the elephants!

Need it. 

Then, I have a list I always deem "The Unpossibles" since they're the most ridiculously priced items that I most likely will never own but have literally lusted after for years. 

Parlantis. Like oh my god. Totally customizable and fabulously well made. I want for them so badly. I've never had a really nice pair of boots and I think everyone should own at least one ridiculously priced thing in their life. I don't know if I could ever stomach the guts to actually ride in them, most likely would just sit in bed and pet them. At $1000+ pretty much out of my reach unless I win the lottery. 

Lastly but definitely not leastly would be the coveted Voltaire saddle. I personally hate all of you that are currently saddle shopping and will hatefully stare at my ancient and crusty saddles that dont fit me. Just kidding, I cherish them. But seriously what the fuck, a nice saddle would be amazing.


I really need to pay off some debt before I go further in for a saddle, but to say I haven't been deeply contemplating a payment plan is a total lie. I have. But adulting calls my name and therefore the beloved Voltaire at about $2000+ will have to wait. Someday. 

So there we have it, my not very extensive Wanty List. 


  1. if you're interested i have a front pair of the first generation ME boots, sized medium, that don't fit my mare and are therefore for sale (fraidycat dot eventing at gmail)

  2. As a note about the Tipp...there have been some major rumblings that they will be making certified vests required instead of just recommended. In fact, everyone thought it might be happening this year, but didn't show up in the rule changes. Still, might hold off on buying a new Tipp unless you go with one of the new certified ones.

    And I'm totally with you, I own two Tipps and will need to get something certified when they change the rules.

  3. Great list!!! I just spent my Saturday with the Voltaire rep and drank all the Kool-Aid. All of it. I even sat in a monoflap for a hot second (even though I knew I would never order it) and it made me want to gallop all the big things in the fields. Man their stuff is nice. If it helps, they were oddly generous on their trade in policies... ;) just... you know... in case :)

  4. Everyone needs a Lilly P planner.