Thursday, January 21, 2016

Frosty Frolic

As promised, I have a fun little post regarding the insanely  cold day we had this past weekend. I of course, chose this day to ride, out of the entire weekend, but thats just how it worked out. I know I had just posted about "not riding at more than a trot when its below 15*" but it was incredibly sunny out and my poor red nugget literally had not seen the sun in two weeks. Despite the frigid temps of 8*, I bundled up, tacked up and headed outside.

Don't worry, I lunged a few minutes to gage his excitement level for the day, and despite wildly flailing over some groundpoles, B was actually decently calm. After 10 minutes, I felt comfortable enough to get on without fear of him killing us.

The ground was obviously, very frozen, but I started off just walking around to feel out the terrain.

I think he's outgrowing my quarter sheet
B remained sane in the membrane, which I was baffled with, but did not argue or question it. Levi got to come out to the barn too, with special permission, and he was LOVING it as well. And aren't they just the cutest most dapper creatures to grace this earth? MAH HART.

I trotted around a little and then let him canter. A few times B felt the wind up his ass or Levi blitzed by him and he was like OH MY GOD I'M A HORSE WEEEE!!

There's some more frisky evidence in this really shitty quality iPad video HERE that Bangor, best BF in the world, took for me with freezing hands. He's literally, like seriously, the best.

Its especially breathtaking at 1:30 when he kinda sorta bolts for like 7 strides HERE

I wasn't even mad, just trying to keep him in check enough to keep us safe. Bolting on hard ground is not conducive to safety.

Overall though, he was really really good. Like so good. Like holy shit good. After those 4 minutes of canter and trot work on a massive loop, I let him walk again and then put him on a smaller circle just to do a little transition work.

Since the ground was hard, I wanted him to stay as collected as possible and balanced so he didn't run the risk of slipping.

I would say we succeeded. It was a ton of pushing from my seat, evident in my less than optimal leg position in still shots, but damn he has got an adjustable canter.


I especially enjoyed the slightly disjointed flying change in the middle of the vid. Getting it done!

Then, since our nosehairs were freezing, I just asked for little relaxed trot and called it a day. we had been outside for about 20 minutes total and that was enough. 

Levi is the fanciest dressage horse

Pretty red baby

I was incredibly impressed with his behavior. He had been cooped up for weeks, it was freezing and we were riding outside for the first time in what felt like 2 months and he barely tried anything. Sure, he had some blitzing...but thats a big change from last winter, or even a few days ago. I think he truly enjoyed the sun and being outside and relaxed into the work. I kept it brief since it was so frigid, but it was a great ride.

Really need a martingale stop

Super trainer leaves for Poplar Place tomorrow and I think she is going to FL at the end of this month (luckyyyy) so we won't get many lesson opps before spring. However, there is a schooling show every weekend this next month and I am having a hard time deciding which to do!

I wish I could do them all, but my vehicle needs some major maintenance unfortunately so I am limited to one jumper and one dressage show. I am just excited I have OPTIONS this year!!


  1. awww baby nugget is becoming adult nugget, so exciting!! and yay options - they are seriously the best. i'm kinda the worst tho, i would say just do them all... but ugh vehicle maintenance...

  2. I love the matching sheets. As an aside, the iPad has a terrible camera. You're much better off using an iPhone or other smart phone.

    1. My phone is full or I would. I literally have 50 pics on there and that's it. Apps and email that are necessary take up all of my phone. That's what I get for going cheap

  3. The adorable matching coats is too much to handle :D!!!!

  4. What a pretty place you are at! You can get a good look at it in the videos. And what a good boy! He was trying really hard to hold it together. Bacon does the same thing...

    1. Its HUGE. Not much in the ways of extreme beauty, but the vastness of the place is nice. And the barns are topnotch. We also have some XC jumps, which is awesome, and a big ole outdoor.

      He was trying so hard! It was adorable

  5. Awh he is growing up so fast! Hey if you wanna ride in 8* weather then no one should judge. You do what you gotta do

    1. Its adorable how fast he's growing up! It was COLLLD

  6. Wow! Eight degrees! I don't know if I've ever even felt eight degrees before LOL!! Good job! You guys look so awesome. :D I loved the videos. The flying change made me grin. Levi had me grinning too. He has some top notch dressage moves hehe. I'm glad you had such a great ride and both got to enjoy some sunshine. Lack of sunshine is one of the worst things about winter. I also enjoyed getting to see the barn. It really is huge!!