Friday, January 15, 2016

I Am Older

Unabashedly I am announcing that today is my quarter century b-day and while I still have to work a half day, I don't even care.

Here in my household, we celebrate birthdays more than we celebrate Christmas.

I'm not even joking.

Birthday's are a big deal and always have been to my family, and each family member who has an upcoming birthday is always treated like a king or queen a week or two prior.

BIRTHDAY WEEK, not day. Thats how we roll.

My b-day week kicked off wonderfully at a horse show and the gift of another class from my dearest Bangor, Destroyer of Worlds. He gets me.

Mostly for the week I've been getting away with stupid shit, getting to eat whatever I want and not feeling guilty about it and skipping the gym/sleeping in, also without feeling guilty about it and wearing slippers at work and no one noticing. Its a big week guys.

The only downside has been the temperature, therefore leading me to no horsey rides or visits to the barn and a slightly large amount of homework. I went out last night briefly ( more later on that ride), but otherwise The Beast has been stuck inside and not being ridden...ooops. Therefore, I have a wonderful weekend planned with my S/O, mostly revolving around my 4 favorite things; netflix, coffee, horses & food.


S/O also surprised me  by shipping a brand new Horseware IRE blanket, medium weight, to my house. It was like the Christmas I didn't have, but better because BIRTHDAY.

I may or may not have sent him a link to it, along with this sports bra I also like, but he chose correctly.

Bangor wins. He gets me.

Honestly, I don't think he knows how much this blanket actually means to me, but I am really excited about it. Now, I only have one more to replace and one to try and fix on my own!

ignore psychopath horse who wouldn't stand still
After I received the precious in the mail, I went out to Walmart and bought a ridiculous amount of luggage tags. They were a dollar so I literally cleared out their stock. That night I meticulously labeled them and then stared at my genius.

Just a few for example purposes
I know, I didn't invent this use for luggage tags, just really excited about getting my blankets labeled. *shivers*

muddy fucking rags

Adulting things that make me happy.

I also bought a new whiteboard from walmart with extra stickies, hoping that works for the time being. I'll need to lock away my markers, since there seems to be a marker gnome in our barn, but hopefully I can get notes to our workers across a bit better with COLORED markers and a larger board.

In addition, BFF extraordinaire gifted her Precious (aka Baby Jesus saddle) to me as a loaner until I can find  saddle that fits B and myself to purchase. I am DEAD. This is such a huge gift, just to trust me with such an expensive and glorious hunk of animal skin. It fits me gloriously, so I am hoping it will fit B. 

such pretty very wow
Baby Jesus fit Jackie's horse Isis very well and she is built quite similarly to B, so here's to hoping! I love having a BFF who's into horses and also loves me lots.

Quick update on Bacardi...he was a fuckface last night when I rode, but I'm not even mad about it. Poor fellow has been stuck inside with no turnout an he was losing his marbles. Just standing in his stall and crossties he was breathing fire...

is that...HAY, you have human girl?

Hoping he's a bit more settled today for my BIRTHDAY RIDE YAY!


  1. I remember when birthdays used to be fun and awesome. It kinda stopped after 30 for me. But happy birthday!

    1. I try to believe they will be fun and awesome forever!

  2. Yay birthdays!! They are fun. Also yay blankets and Bangor!

    And yeah, the fire breathing dragon this is not my fav. But. I can be that game of thrones chick who rides them I guess. I haven't watched the show, but I pretty much ride my dragon every day.

    1. Bangor is the best. I try to ride my dragon but...its hard sometimes

  3. happy birthday! awesome assortment of gifts, i esp love the luggage tags and white board. idk why but there is something so satisfying in labeling things lol... but i guess that saddle is kinda cool too ;)

    1. LABELS. They almost overshadowed saddle :P

  4. Happy Birthday!! Have a great day!

  5. Happy Birthday! What a great gift!

  6. Happy birthday! They're always made better when you get horse shit, especially fancy horse shit that you actually wanted!

  7. Happy Birthday!!! What great gifts!! Bangor just keeps scoring points with your readers. I think he's developing a fan base hehe. :D

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the saddle fits B. It will be so nice for you to get to ride in something that fits. It makes all the difference in the world!

    1. He's becoming more popular than my actual horse lmao

  8. Happy Birthday! Pony gifts are the best. Crossing my fingers that saddle fits B!