Monday, February 22, 2016

Positive Notes

So in efforts to keep some sort of normality (is that a word?) in my life while all of this with Yankee is going on, I still went to the barn both days this weekend to ride my other majestic beast. Sunday was a fun trip, because I had scheduled earlier in the week to try a new saddle. Amidst the Yankee drama, I felt guilty trying new fun things, while he was barely hanging in there Saturday night and Sunday AM, but I tried to push those feelings aside and be happy I might have found a saddle.

Sidenote, I so appreciate the outpouring of love I have received from Facebook, Instagram and Blogger friends. It means the world to me. Yankee is doing much better today, eating a little and looking perkier. I am waiting for the test results before I give a more derailed rundown of what happened and what is to come...but just know he is slowly on the mend. Thank you all!

OK, so saddle.

As many of you may know, ETT is life and I am obsessed. I just so happened to find THE perfect saddle on there, on a whim, as I wasn't *really* looking. However, a chestnut, 18 inch, Marcel Toulouse popped up on my feed for $600 and I was like, hello gorgeous.

Through contact with the owner, I discovered not only was she less than an hour from me physically but she was ALSO my blogger secret santa. How freaking perfect is that. It was fate.

She had agreed to come down and allow me to test ride it and it was pretty much sealed.

After trying it on, discovering its almost flawless fit to Bacardi, without a half pad, I was so hopeful.

sexual, even with my shitty stirrup leathers and muddy tack

Then I sat in it. OH GOD, it was perfect. I had read reviews online that this saddle could be uncomfortable, but I was not feeling that anywhere in my asshcheeks. My booty loved it. My legs loved it. I loved it.

The real test was how it felt to jump in. It was so weird having my leg in the right place, and actually not being thrown into a terrible position. Bacardi too, felt amazing, like his shoulder could actually move and he was really strutting his stuff. He was feeling' himself so much, he was a little difficult to half halt at times, haha.

Along spot much?

hi perfect leg position
Over fences the feeling was amazing (could I say amazing any more in this post?), and I was pretty much sold within 15 minutes. We kept the fences low, since we haven't had the best of jump rides lately, but it felt amazing.

Heres a link to a short vid of our experimentation.

So now its mine and I currently own four saddles, 3 jump, one proving impossible to sell. Anyone need a 16 inch jump saddle?


  1. Awwwww look at Baby B acting all grown up! He looks so good. :-)

  2. Yay positive things in with the negative things! And yay, Yankee is looking perkier! I can't help you with the saddle problem (I have 4 saddles myself...) but hopefully someone on ETT decides it's the deal of a lifetime sometime very soon.

  3. So awesome! That saddle looks insanely comfortable!

  4. Glad you have happy saddle excitement to combat the Yankee woes.

  5. ooooh it's so pretty! good news about Yankee's steady improvement too

  6. Glad Yankee seems perkier, thats good news. The saddle sounds amazing, its so hard for me to find a good saddle that suits most importantly my horse and then me. Sounds like a good find :)

  7. ETT is truly the best place ver. Glad to hear about Yankee getting better and hope it is something that can be managed in the future.

  8. Yay!!!!!! I'm so glad there was a bright spot in all the turmoil! So happy you finally found something that fits you both. :D