Thursday, July 28, 2016

7 Minutes In Heaven (I Did Another Thing)


I rode my horse. 

Even though I'm not supposed to yet. But like

It's fine. I literally only rode for 7 minutes. I timed it. 

B tested sound and we've been sidelined for so long, I couldn't resist a quick bareback hack in the squishy grass field . If only just for a few minutes to satiate my  need to ride. B was hungry to run, since he also has been sidelined, but was happy to cart my butt around instead. 

It was amazing. You never know how much you miss something that's such an integral part of your life until you're forced to stop doing that thing. 

Seriously, if you're able bodied, go jump on your horse tonight and fucking savor that shit. 

I would like to say I immediately regretted it, as the percussion of walk footfalls reverberated up my injured spinal column and sat nestled in my bones and muscle like some evil spirit, but I didn't. 

What was more special to me than the actual act of riding was the fact that my once fucking psycho OTTB would've been impossible to ride bareback in a giant field without a colossal meltdown and possibly injuring my body even more than it already is. 

Recent soundness aside, I find a quick bareback hack a major win. He also didn't take a single misstep, which made me super happy in regards to his twinkle toes. 

Hopefully here in the near future we can make out comeback together! 


  1. I'll be hoping on my pone tonight ;)

  2. Wait - you injured your spinal column? How did I miss that? I thought B was off just because of his transition to barefoot. Which, if he is comfortable walking in the grass, I say - go for it! Also, not riding turns me into a miserable psychopath. Even a bareback walk restores my sanity.

    1. Oh yeah I wrecked it! I was cleaning stalls around 4th of July weekend for a friend (an activity I haven't done in a year) and my back was like NOPE and spasmed so hard it slipped a disc and popped a rib out. I was literally crippled for two days. I work for a PT office though and they've been incredibly aggressive with dry needling, e-stim and the H wave machine as well as manips and PT. Without them I would still probably be unable to walk.

      We kind of have been off together. Right before I hurt myself he went lame losing shoes, got them back on and was fine, then I got hurt, he tossed them again and was fine so my friends rode him while I couldn't and THEN he threw them again and went lame which is when I decided to start barefoot haha. Lawd! I have a hard time keeping it straight TBH

    2. Holy crap that sounds so intense!!
      Be careful, hope you have a speedy recovery!

  3. I'm really jealous that you had so much foot on him to start with! Fiction has been too lame to ride at more than a walk or so for a month now because he had zero foot to start with, and what he did have was absolutely destroyed by nail holes. Luckily all the nasty nail crack etc are gone now, so all we have to do is grow some hoof and get some depth to his pancake soles, but not riding him is killing me ><;

  4. Awh it is so lovely to see this!

  5. Toodling is good for the soul. Already did that this morning. :-)

  6. Excite!!! So funny how not being allowed to do something makes it so more attractive! Loving the progress he's come a long way

  7. Yay for a ride!!! I feel you on that one. Between my injuries (neck) and now his injury (tendon), it just sucks right now lol. I hope your back finishes healing up quickly so you can get back to riding regularly.