Thursday, September 15, 2016

XC Schooling

FINALLY getting to this recap, and now it will be a titch lackluster since its been over a week in my brain and said brain is being stuffed full of medical law and billing at the moment.

At least there is media and pretty ponies to look at, so at least this post has that going for it.

Yankee is the man

Last Friday was literally a perfect day for riding, even though it was still early September. Cool, breezy and sunny. I hardly even broke a sweat! The point of this excursion was to school some XC and see if the park had the banks open (they didn't, sadly), so that V and Yankee could school those before her move up to Novice at Flying Cross this weekend.  Despite those elements being closed, she still got some solid work put in with the Yanks and it was a rather good day and learning experience.

Pretty substantial fence that used to be on Prelim courses
I jumped it once, years ago
V schooled almost everything at the park that day, save for the absolutely massive full coffin combination. I jumped it once two years ago and it was legit terrifying and a tricky ride, so we stuck to the more basic approach's.


...was terrifying. Didn't get a pic of the C element but it was equally as giant and scary
 I allowed her to school some of the larger fences because Yanks can easily jump them on his own, and I wanted her to feel what its like to ride over bigger fences, especially because Novice apparently is the new Training and there are fucking corners on Novice these days.

Yankee's best talent is making a liar out of you, as he did with me often on XC. If you're even slightly not sure about it and don't give him the go-ahead, he will question you and sometimes, if you're really not sure, he will refuse. Not often, but I have jumped a few fences with my eyes closed (safety first everyone) and he knew it and would land with a buck to remind me that all I had to do was actually RIDE instead of sit there like a lump on a log (or casually refuse the next fence to see if I was paying a attention)

Novel idea.

Yeah my eyes were definitely closed & I almost shat myself
Anyways, we worked on approach to the fences and keeping leg there (not on, but present) to let Yankee know that yes, we were jumping bigger fences and to maybe pick up your knees a little and maybe try.

Nah mahm I just jump higher instead

The cool thing about Yanks is that he clears shit easily, everytime. The bad thing about that is that it makes him incredibly lazy, knowing he can clear it, hanging his legs or jumping sloppy because he can just jump higher rather than snap his legs.  Its even worse at BN in stadium because he literally just hops over fences and looks ridiculous. C'mon Yanks, stop being an old man. SMH.

Regardless, it was a good school and Yanks did his job. V learned what a good approach was, and what a bad approach was. She also learned how fricking fun he can be on XC. Slowly but surely she's gaining those eventing skills! I compiled a video of their efforts HERE.

Bacardi got to join in on the fun a little bit too!

This was actually like a baby trek. with a small ditch in front and below the log
turn n' burn baby

As you all probably know now, I am a long time eventer turned jumper because mysteriously and without cause sometime about 3 years ago I woke up with this  horrible fear of solid jumps. Like trembling, heart racing, sweating, unexplainable fear. Anything higher than 3ft makes my heart palpitate and I actually have zero interest in jumping anything substantial these days. Call me less crazy, HAHA.

No scary ass giant fences for me fam
However, it is still fun to pop B over a few of the lower fences while we are there. He was having a ball too! First time he's ever felt completely relaxed and interested in jumping, rather than spooking at the was lovely!

It was pretty fun. I still have zero desire to ever return to eventing, unless its on Yankee at like BN, but it was still fun to pop around and let B gallop a little. Plus, like I said earlier-- he was actually WANTING to jump, almost dragging me towards them, which was a cool feeling. This versus where he used to eyeball the shit out of them and I would have to drive drive drive to each fence. 

Baby growing' up.

Pats for the pony


  1. All of you look like you're having the best time!

  2. B legit looks great - like he's very happy to be out there. glad y'all had so much fun! cross training ftw ;)

  3. B looks like he's having SO MUCH FUN!!

  4. I know it's hard to let go of eventing because it just feels like the only thing, but there are other disciplines that don't involve galloping at solid obstacles and yeah, big fan.

    1. No it was actually very easy lol. We just school because we are there so why not

  5. I am scribing at Flying Cross on Saturday morning!! Maybe I will see the Yanks?!?!

    1. Oh cool!! Hopefully it's a good test. I've been working with her on applying aids correctly and together to get roundness and energy but it's been slow and steady. She's doing much better though! I sadly won't be there

    2. She actually had to scratch because her ride fell through :/

  6. I've been thinking the whole eyes closed on XC thing might work for me too. Nilla doesn't care so if I'm not panicking she'd probably be better off.

  7. I saw your comment about V not making it, such a bummer :C

  8. All four of your look so awesome!!!! Looks like you were all having so much fun. How amazing watching you fly around on B when a year and a half ago you might have thought it would be impossible. You've brought him such a long way. He's lucky to have had you retraining him. Now he will have the best in life thanks to you. :)