Monday, January 17, 2011

I is Bloggin', With Style!

Since I am stuck at home today and not allowed to go anywhere(doctors orders, sprained ankle), especially the barn, sadface, I will continue spreading the stylish blogger award! OnTheBit from A Horse and a Half blog ( nominated me and I feel it is my blogger duty to nominate 15 others. Ok, so I am a n00b when it comes to linking back to websites, so ya'll will have to bear with me on this one. If someone wants to tell me how to do it, I'd be much appreciative.

There are 4 things you have to do when nominated.....

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

*Ok so the linking back I will have a hard time with...but I did thank her by posting on her blog!

*Seven things people don't know about me..

1. I am a major bookworm!! I read anything and everything I can get my hands on (except textbooks-ha) and my favorite author of all time is Dean Koontz. Koontz writes mysteries and thrillers and I love every single one I have read so far. He has an obsession with Golden Retrievers, so there is one in almost every book he has written. I highly recommend reading at least one of his books. I also love the Harry Potter series, Dennis Lehane books, Flowers For Algernon, Lords Of Discipline, Racing in The Rain, Man O'WAr, etc. Reading is FUN!

2. I prefer animals over humans. Ok now, don't take offense to this, I just enjoy animals much more than people. They never talk back to you, judge you, argue, they offer unconditional love and mutual understanding. Animals are always there for you, when the humans you associate with stab you in the back, trample you down, mutilate your hearts, destroy self confidence, and leave you in the dust. In general, Humanity frustrates me. People obsess so much about things that don't matter! What really matters in life is friendship, family and love, not petty things and poeple are just too wrapped up in themselves to see what really counts. Being in college exposes me to too many people that live materialistic lives and care WAY too much about social standing and whatnot. its annoying. If I had to choose, I'd hang out with horse people, all day, every day :)

3. I am terrified of 3 things- thunderstorms, needles and failure. Like no joke peeps, I shiver in absolute terror when it thunderstorms and sometimes I bawl like a giant 20 year old baby. I usually end up clinging to a blanket and huddle on the couch, glued to the TV screen, watching for tornado warnings. Needles on the other hand, do make me turn into a baby-I cry at the sight of them and ball up in the fetal position. the fear of failure only keeps me up at night and brings on panic attacks when I think about it too long, so I try not to. I'm messed up I know.

4. I was born without a sense of smell. Tis true! No one believes me when I first tell them and I swear, one of two things are asked when I say this, A. "So if I fart in your face you couldn't smell it?" and B. "Can I fart in your face?". Not joking. Sometimes even girls say this to me! UGH! But yes, I take it as a curse and a blessing. I wish I could smell cookies and steak but I am thankful I cannot smell bad things like skunks, or dead things, or...farts.

5. I hate college. I never wanted to even go to college...but I did it to please my parents and....well that's it I guess. I keep telling myself I did it 'as a back up plan' but in reality I will NEVER EVER sit in an office all day and be someone's little biotch. NO thank you! I would rather work minimum wage, or be someone's barn hand than do that. I hate how college's have turned into business's-they take your money at every opportunity, rape you even on admission fees and books, say they care about your success but when something goes wrong, like a professor intentionally failing the entire 500 student class they turn their heads and carry on their merry way, etc etc etc.
which leads me to number 6...

6. I aspire to not only compete in Rolex, but to become a professional trainer. So many people have this dream, but I think I have one thing those people don't have (besides $$), excessive determination. As soon as I am done with college (ONE year!!) I am dippin' out to go do whatever I have to to get rides and further my experience as an eventer. I will drop everything to be a working student, I will go hungry before my horse does, I will sell everything I own (besides trailer, horse and tack), I will work till I drop dead tired, I will ride till my legs turn to jello, I will show until my bank account suffers. I will do anything to get there. This probably seems very desperate to some of you but I am SICK of being stuck at the lower levels, I WANT with all of my being to go four star, hell even two star. I know I have the talent, I just need fine tuning. I don't have money, so I need sponsors and people to give me rides. I know a few professionals who have done it that come from the same background as me, but most come from money and horsey parents. But it's ok, it's the journey to get there, right? Right :)

7. I have a major guilty pleasure that goes against everything I stand for....I love trash TV. What? Who said that? Not me *looks around sheepishly*. I love the shows like Kendra, Keeping up With the Kardashians, Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, 16 and Preganant, etc. OH THE HORROR. I cannot believe I like to watch these shows when I HATE the kind of people that are in them! The backstabbing, selfish, materialistic people (that I talked about in #2) that exist in Hollywood. Sweet baby Jesus, WHY? I'm not all bad though, I love Dexter, True Blood, Weeds, CSI, Dirty Jobs, Spongebob (lol), anything on Animal Planet...Please don't judge me for being so hypocritical! I think I like watching the beautiful trainwrecks on TV because I like to be reminded of how not to act? Maybe?

Ok the 15 blogs that are *new* to me. *blogs are ones I have been reading for less than a year but are not new to me. New meaning within the past month..

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So there we are everyone! Go blog in style!


  1. My friend Rob has no sense of smell either. You are not alone.

  2. That is neat! I have never met anyone else

  3. AMEN to #7. I love the romanticism of the working student (good, pseudo-true choice of words, eh? and I loved doing it on a more toned-down level this summer, but the fact that I wasn't getting paid kinda downed it, but it was still fun teaching kiddos how to ride and learning how to ride on my horse as well my then-instructor's BIG, wonderful-to-ride Perch X as well.

    AHHH!!! I'm flattered. I'm on this RIGHT AWAY :)

  4. lol i just found your blog by going backwards through those stylish award link things...

    Straight after highschool i flagged college and became a working pupil for two years for a grand prix dressage trainer (so that i could improve my dressage for eventing). No pay, nothing i took my horse with and worked 12 hour days with not eve a break for lunch. i used up all my saving just surviving, but what i learned was priceless.

    i am still a crazy eventer anr full time rider

    check my blog

    lol i will see you hopefully one day at rolex when im riding there to!!

  5. Thank you so much!

    Worked late tonight, and I'm beat, but I definitely accept this and I'll be making my post tomorrow. ;)

  6. Hey thanks :)
    LOVE trashy TV too!! Can't get enough

  7. This was an awesome post! What are you going to college for? Horsey stuff? If not, why not horsey stuff so atleast it'd be interesting ;) College degrees don't do much for anyone anymore anyway. EVERYONE knows a good number of people that are in a job or career that has no relation whatsoever to their degree. I'm getting mine just because it's free from the Air Force.

    The sucky thing about no sense of smell is you can't smell the barn :( Or Yankee :( But yeah atleast you can go in a gym and not smell all those nasty mofos in there.

    I LOVE your determination. You deserve to get to the 2 or 4 star level just based off your attitude and drive alone. Nothing but best wishes to you and Yankee. I hope you'll keep updating your blog through everything to.

    Thanks for mentioning my blog on this :) I will post my award sometime tomorrow.

  8. thank you everyone :)
    Chloe, thats what I wanted to do!! Good luck to you as well!
    And Stacey, getting interdisciplinary degree with business, comm and art. My parents didnt really approve of an equine degree so oh well about that one. Thank you for your kind words, we appreciate it!


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