Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Was Bad, But My Horse Was Good

I've been bad...I left my "bedrest" and went to the barn today...without crutches. Oh snap. But I wore my brace I swear! It was my birthday today, so I couldn't just stay inside and not see my boy. He, on the other hand was an angel. With the help of Brandon (since I cannot lift or carry anything) we set up a jump chute and free jumped him today.

He was havin some real fun today!

This is a video of Yank's jump 4ft 6, sorry its so shaky! I think it is 4ft6, but I stood next to it and I'm pretty sure it might be 5ft actually. We didnt measure but I am 5ft9 and it came up past my chest...

These next few pics are video stills, which is why they are so grainy, but you can still see how nicely he was jumping today!

If only he'd jump this well under saddle!

4ft 6...So proud, I wanted to push him more, but he hasn't jumped in a while and after a few runs he got a bit tired.

Next to the jump he jumped today! See, past my chest and I'm 5'9". I was on the phone, lol


  1. You have been awarded the "Stylish Blogger Award". Please come by my blog ( to pick it up.

  2. I would have done the same (sneaking off bed rest to go to the barn). Your horse is beautiful.

  3. Ha I couldn't sit around anymore!!!! And thank you :)

  4. Being away from horses sucks so I'm not a good patient either. I'm always doing something I"m not supposed to. LOL

    His free jumping looks awesome.

  5. Yeah I"m doing everything I can to be a good girl and stay home today, but I'm probably going to end up going out to the barn anyways...shhhh don't tell anyone!
    And thank you, it was the only exercise I could give him without being able to walk! I try to free jump him once a week, he loves it!