Monday, January 31, 2011

Impending Snowstorm of Death

1-2 ft of snow predictions.

2 in. an hour.

-11 temps tomorrow.


HOw I am going to get out to the barn to put an extra blanket on for Yankee if snow is coming down that hard?

I'm afraid to put the thick one on now since its in the 30s but its going to drop fast.


Put it on tonight in anticipation of impending snowstorm of death and hope he doesn't sweat to death or hope I can get out to the barn in all the snow and hope he wont freeze if I don't make it?


  1. Horses overheat more easily than they catch a chill. I'd go with leaving it off and hoping you can make it out.

  2. None of the barn people can hook you up and blanket for him if you can't make it?

  3. No they arent supposed to, liability issues I believe. Owners are responsible. And we are so snowed in that the only people who are there is the live in barn hand who knows not as much about horses and the owner's husband (since she is in FL). I would have asked my friend R to do it since she has all wheel drive and a horse there too but I don't think any of us can go anywhere at this point. I'm nervous about power going out and the waterers freezing...


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