Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This is Re-effing-diculous.

Today was frustrating. The aftermath of the winter storm was insane and today was hectic and a massive aggravation to my sanity.

We ended up getting 19 inches and upwards of 4 foot snowdrifts in some places.
it was -8 this morning. My Brandon woke up at 6a.m. to dig my car out since his was buried deeper and it sucks in snow, to take to work. WHICH WAS STILL OPENING. WHAT IN THE HELL. Are they on crack?! The entire city is under snow emergency, police are ordering restaurants and other establishments to close, roads are not the greatest, 1000s of cars buried and my boyfriend had to risk his life to open freaking Chipotle? Obviously your bosses think everyone wants a god damn burrito in a winter storm. On Tues when it was snowing they stayed open till 3 and 2 of my friends/coworkers had to walk to a friends house in the blizzard since their cars were stuck. I am FURIOUS right now and I tried to find our area mangers email to give him words.

Also I am on day 3 of no school. Mizzou never closes. Goin crazy!

I could not get over my anger all day. WHY do they expect minimum-ish wage workers to risk their necks to come to work when no one is out anyways??

Getting to the barn was also an adventure.

Brandon's car buried :( mine is dug out in the row above, 3rd to the right.

Driveway to barn was not plowed but we trudged up the lane (almost a 1/2 mile I think? not sure). I HAD to check on Yankee. It had been two days and I could not not check on him. The walk was difficult and COOOOLD but we (Brandon, Zoey the dog and I) made it.

Fence iciles

AH-mazing sunset :)

So i got to the barn and all the horses screamed at me. I was like, um, did they get fed? its almost 6pm. So I walked over to see Yankee and I was astonished with what I saw. An insanely dirty stall. It most definetly did not get cleaned today and maybe not even yesterday. I was livid at first. This was unacceptable. I pay good money to keep peace of mind and to come and see this...was just unacceptable. Every other stall was dirty too. I texted away to see if they got fed, they did, but no stalls. Odd.

Forgot to mention that the barn help lives on the farm, right next to the barns.

Yanks got into his treat foods in the arena

So Yanks got turned out into the arena to romp whilst I hunkered down and cleaned 5 stalls. I can see why they didnt get done, the pathway to the dump area was covered in 3ft snow drifts, but last time it snowed we dumped manure in an empty stall until we could clear snow. Still, they could have been done today, no excuse.

Yanks spooking at the jump that was in the arena. Lol silly ponyface.

Anyways, I cleaned the 5 stalls and the horses seemed appreciative. normally they are mucked twice a day and I just felt so awful thinking about them standing in their own excrement for more than 2 days and I just had to do them. I was insanely angry the entire time. I just COULD NOT understand why they were left in this condition. Gradually, I became less angry. I thought, maybe something happened to the person who had to feed today and they couldn't get done, but it still didn't make sense to why they looked 2 days dirty. It wasn't that I minded cleaning stalls, I actually enjoy it, it was that I left MY horse in the care of others and a daily chore was neglected. I felt jipped and shafted and my horse had to stand in 1-2 days of frozen poop and pee. UGH!

H's horse Pronto. He is so massive! I am 5 ft 9! Such a sweetie

Another one of H's horses, warrior

Zoey "helping"

Double layers for the wicked cold temps tonight.

Dogface's snow nosey.

So yeah, I don;t think I am being unreasonable, but I don't think I should have gotten as mad as I did. I dunno if I am missing a part of the story. I calmed down though and trudged back through the snow and made it home safe. Movie night and pizza! So much for that diet...


  1. Boarding is always so hard. When I was working where Gen was I knew why every decision was made so even if I wasn't thrilled with something I learned to be okay with it. Now it is much more easy to get annoyed. They NEVER do the driveway at Gen's so I always walk the long way up to the barn since everyone else has a 4 wheel drive SUV. I learned that I could go crazy and get mad or I could just learn to deal, either way no one else cared about me getting up the driveway. I do think that are right to be upset with the stalls not getting done for two days, but in the same breath there must have been a reason why. Either they were worried about not getting up to the manure pile, scared to work around horses who not thrilled to be in, or just unable to dig themselves out enough to get to the barn you have to remember the intention behind why they did what they did. Was it malicious? If not, don't freak out, just talk to them about it next time you see it. Chances are the barn manager was also not thrilled about the stalls not getting done but didn't feel like they could do things any other way.

  2. So... you were pissed that your Brandon had to go to work in dangerous conditions, but you're not ok with barn workers doing less work in dangerous conditions? Given that there was a FREAKING MASSIVE BLIZZARD, I think I'd let it slide. Yeah, it sucks for the horses, but they'll be fine and hopefully, all the barn workers are too.

    Just a thought.

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  4. I forgot to mention that the barn help lives on the farm, this is why I was originally so angry. I'm not anymore and I happily did stalls. But I was pissed then since I walked about a half mile-ish and drug the wheelbarrow out from snow, drug it to the barn, cleaned stalls and dumped in a empty stall. They could have done that. But no big deal anymore, like I said I bet I don't know the whole story and I love my barn, so I don't want to stir trouble!

  5. Ok, I see you being upset then. Sorry... I thought they were coming in from offsite, which did not sound fun at all.

  6. Its ok! The trek was most definitely was not fun. I feed saturday and am not looking forward to making the journey again, it was quite the workout. I need it though.


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