Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aww come on!

So much shit hit the fan I cannot even start.

So yesterday I was really pissy and wrote this really epic long depressing post about how I hate my life and I will never succeed and how I am a worthless human being. Good thing I succumbed to tears and never posted it, you guys would have me committed. I ended up having a pretty horrid panic attack at work though, and they sent me home because I.could.not.get.it.together. I did not have my KIT (Keep It Together). I was very productive once I got home and it lightened my mood. All HW done and I cleaned all the things whilst bawling my eyes out. It made it all bedder.

College has stolen my soul.

This morning I got up early and was going to ride my horse but I forgotsies my bootsies at home so I lunged him for a good 30 min and gave him a good grooming.. This kinda effed up my weekly workout plans for him but I can make it work...I think.

He was not enthusiastic about coming out of the field right after breakfast. Plus it was cold. Note the f***ing snow. Tomorrow gonna be 73. WTF Missouri, wtf. Come on!

"NOOOOO, hay noms...I want"

Despite the cold and unwillingness to leave his hay noms he was realy good this morning. Loose, active, calm. I was happy with that :)

Also, I got word back today about equine Affaire. Good news and bad news. Good news, I got accepted to a clinic and will onyl have to be there a day and a half and I won't miss any class. Less stall $$. Less excercise for ponyface and myself. Bad news, I only got accepted to one clinic, I won't miss class and driving 16 hours in less than 3 days worries me a little. Lotta stress on Yankeepoo.

Daniel Stewart wante dus so that is neat. Neal Shapiro had like 100 ppl. apply and unfortunately I did not make the cut. Sad panda. Reese Koffler Stanfield made me a stand by rider, meaning if someone can't make it, I am the next in line...Guess that's better than nothing and one clinic and a breed demo is better than none! Plus I get free admission to all the days :)

so, sadface and happyface all at once.

Gonna do dressage tommorrow, possible conditioning ride thurs, off friday, hack sat, dressage sunday

Exam Thurs and Friday...

work friday, sat and sun....fml.


  1. *hugs* Sounds like you have a LOT on your plate.

  2. Ugh. Hang in there. This is the worst time of year--it just isn't nice yet but it keeps taunting us. (I had a major meltdown last week, yay.)

    Hooray about EA! That sounds like a blast. Totally wish I could go.

  3. Equine Affaire sounds so fun! Will be worth the time as a break from classes and college kind of thinking.

  4. Oh I have so had those days and written those posts that never got posted. I feel for you girl. I'm glad the panic has passed and things are looking better. When you get like that try to focus on the "now" and focus on taking care of yourself. I've noticed when I feel panicky it's because I'm thinking about too much and overloading myself and I stop taking care of myself. If I don't slow down I have the full blown panic attack. I hope you're feeling better and I can't wait to hear about EA. How exciting!

  5. Aww you guys are so encouraging :D
    I love horse people :)

    Major stress gone, 3 projects turned in, 2 exams taken. Next week, 3 projects, 1 exam then home free for spring break!

    I'm doing nothing but working but that is show $$ baby!

    Thank you guys!


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