Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tired as fuuuuuudge.

Quick update...

Today I rode Pronto for H since she is out of town. I lunged him yesterday. He is biiiiiig boy but very sweet :)

Kissing my stable boy :)

HE IS MASSSSSIVE! I am 5'9 (This is a bad angle too, his head isn't really that big)

Stretching like a good pony :)

He was a good boy. I need to ride more of a variety of horses...I am getting too used to Yankee! I had a few min. where Pronto and I were like wtf dude/girl on my back. Lol, when Cheryl gets back from FL hopefully I can start riding here babies

I jumped yankee the other day. I can't remember what day it was but I haven't ridden him since :( He had a little cold and a vet appointment. Got his teeth floated and shots and well as coggins drawn. I think his mouth was a lil ouchy so I didn't ride him afterwards. SUCKED cuz it was super nice out. I didn't rider him today either because I have TONS of hw and his mouth was swollen....poor pony.

I am getting really tired of not being bale to ride him 4 days a week. STUPID COLLEGE. I know I won't be able to ride more than 2 days this coming week either due to exams and projects due...

Anyways, jumping pics....

the corner

flying over the oxer

triple bar, low setting

triple bar at its highest

skinny fence

He was pretty bad that day actually. Kept taking off super early or really late and hitting the fences. he really was not listening to my aids at all...I was trying to check him 5 strides out so to not interfere....but he really wasn't listening at all. I usually am not afraid for our safety but he was literally charging the fences so fast I thought he would go straight through. So I lowered the corner and had him canter nicely like a good pony for about 10 min. Did it each direction and he was calmer. I also asked him to shoulder in/fore up to 4 strides out and that helped him concentrate. OR, I would ask him to leg yaild over to the fence. Better.

I am going to take a nap now. Snow tomorrow. 73 thursday. WTF.


  1. Even though it sounds like he wasn't being good for jumping your pictures still look great! You have such a solid looking lower leg. I can't wait till I can start jumping Jetta higher. We're taking it slow and still only jumping about 18" to 2' :( Someday... I know what you mean about college, seriously can't wait to just get finals over. Too much studying!

  2. When his teeth are done can you not ride him in a halter or are his teeth hurting constantly? Poor dude. I hope he's feeling better now.

    I don't know much about jumping but the pictures are totally awesome! I would faint if I had to jump something that high lol. :)

    Good luck with homework.

  3. Teeth are a pain. I gave Izzy pretty much a whole week off, then we started back in a sidepull and just messed around for another week. She didn't feel really back to normal until even later than that.

    That said, she's super sensitive. Good luck with school.

  4. I am about 5'10" so looking at that horse really gives me perspective. That sucker is huge!

    The jumping pics look great although I must admit that three rail one looks awfully wide to me.


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