Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Official

I really hate March. good thing it is almost April. wait...

I hate April too.

Well, spring alltogether in general.

BUT, it is officially spring break for me! I leave at 1PM to make the 8 hour drive home to Ohio to get the horse trailer from my mom.

I feel like a GIANT weight has been off my shoulder. However, there is a little scratch inside me reminding me I DO have 3 projects due the day I get back (Thanks a heap profs. Its not like I want to relax on spring break or anything.) and I need to study Spanish since on my last exam I literally failed it. Try and guess how badly. I will give you a hint, it was below a 30%. Yeah I am f******. But I will not go into that, I have a tutor now and I have have 8 weeks left to make it up.

I am anxiously awaiting my new saddle! I had to buy leathers separately too and they might make it here before the saddle itself. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! So excited!

Forgot to tell you why I hate March in Missouri.

It was 30 degrees 2 weeks ago and snowed 6 inches. Then it was nice for approx 6 days, temps in the 70's and one day it even hit 84. Yesterday it was 45. This morning in slneeted (snow/sleet) like 3 inches. UGHGGGHHH!

I woke up early to ride my conditioning sets before class this morning but my efforts were thrawrted by mother nature. Dammit! I didn't want to ride ANOTHER flat session since he has had 3 this week and I didnt want to have to borrow Cheryl's saddle again.

Good news is R will lunge him while I am gone for 4 days.

I almost quit my job yesterday. My GM quit, a manger got fired and I got my promotion taken back. A lot of other shit went down as well that I do not feel comfortable sharing but I will say it involved beer and other things. Yeah this girl was livid. I would have told them all to suck it if I didn't have a horse and 3 pets to feed.

We still don't know what happened to Scarlett.

To jump around again from happy to sad to happy I wanted to send a shout out to my friend Matthew B. for keeping my spirits up about my horse :) I have my doubts sometimes and he makes me feel like I am headed in the right direction. You guys all do actually. I LOVE horse people!

15 days till Equine Affaire...I wonder if I can lose 6 lbs by then so I can fit into my tall boots and not look like a fat ass in front of hundreds of people.


  1. Uhg, I am hating spring too. I have the most horrid case of allergies. I've NEVER had them until this year, and I'm miserable. Ready for it to be over, over, over.

    I feel you on the job thing too. I feel that like at least once a week. We've had so many manager changes recently I want to pull my hair out. People have been quitting for various reasons, and all these new people to train is getting irritating. They're trying to learn hard but it's like I'm doing their job too as well as mine when they are working on my shift. you...I have a horse and four other critters to care for, so I keep my mouth shut and do my job. Le sigh.

  2. Spring is aggravating. You get this teaser of beautiful weather and then it gets cold again and all you want to do is hide under the electric blanket lol. Sorry the weather sucks.

    Sorry about the job too. That sounds awful! I've quit jobs for a lot less than that, but I wasn't hurting for money at the time. I hope it all works out for you soon.

    I bet you can lose six pounds in fifteen days. It shouldn't be too difficult if you eat right and exercise. :) Good luck at EA. :)

  3. Spring this year really sucks. I like it when spring looks more like summer.

    Hope you have a great visit.


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