Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meet My New Saddle

After much discussion with the boyfriend and mother, it was decided to snath this gorgeous thing off ebay while I could. I know this was quick...since I just decided 2 days ago it was definitely a saddle issue.

Today I tested my theory more. I rode in Cheryls County dressage saddle and then switched to mine halfway through. The difference was unbelievable.

Perfect pony in the County,

Devilish bucking stiff nightmare in mine.

Well that solved it for me didn't it.

I called my mom up right away afterwards and explained my predicament. I am poor. I want to show this year. I cannot show if I don't have a saddle that fits. I can't show if I spend a ton of $$ on a new saddle. Hmmm. Conundrum.

Thank sweet baby Jesus for Ebay.

I found the County above for $525, They retail for $3000+

I am now selling my Wintec Isabell Pro on Ebay as well. I hope to make up the difference since I still choked a little spending $525 since I just sent in my USEA fees, paid Yankee's spring vet bills and just sent a $200 check for a dressage show and I need to do some jumper shows OH and I paid $70 to ride in Equine Affaire AND I am going to get my trailer in Ohio this weekend and gas for an 8 hr. drive both ways....gah. Anyways, its bought, and my Wintec will be listed here shortly.

I hope this will help :)

My Wintec Isabell Pro.

So remember how I said Scarlett miscarried her foal? Well....she died today. It was SUPER shocking and all of us at the barn are stunned. R was working the PM shift and she said Scarlett was munching hay fine, then FLIPPED out, ran through a fence, then died. Just like that. No blood, just died. Such a sad day when TWO beautiful creatures die horrid deaths :(


  1. That's so sad! Weird too, are they going to do a necropsy and see what happened? A horse at my barn just died too, so depressing, he colicked.

    That's great that you found a new saddle so fast and such a good deal! I love ebay :)

  2. yeah they sent her and the fetus to the vet school at my university to see what happened :(

    But yes, happier news on the saddle :)

  3. That's a crazy way to end a post. :-( Poor mare.

    Good about the saddle though. So glad you got a deal on something that will work.

  4. Congrats on the saddle. I hope your old one sells quick.

    I don't know anything about the mare because I just started following, but that's sad. :( Please let us know what they find out.

  5. That's awful! I hope they get the body checked out, because that is extremely unusual. Just awful. Please let us know if anything is found out about her.

    And you had problems with your Wintec, as well? They seem to be built for big, flat warmblood backs. My old one worked fine on Greta until she started to gain muscle, and while she didn't pitch a fit (never has, bless her) it made some LOVELY little-fist-sized marks on the lower half of her back on either side where it just rubbed and rubbed for months and I was too noobish to do anything. Thankfully, I finally spoke up before it caused damage. But it was a shame, since they're such nice saddles! Just apparently not for the large majority of horses haha!

    Nonetheless, County's are awesome!

  6. yeah we still dont know anything yet about scarlett...probably in the next few days we will. :/
    As for the Wintecs, yes it worked for a while till he gained more muscle and now its just bad. I am anxiously awaiting my county saddle :)

  7. I'm jealous. You found a new dressage saddle that quick. As soon as Trumbull Mtn takes a look at my wither tracing I will be ordering my Duett Fidelio from SOMEONE.

    That is super sad about Scarlett :(

  8. your saddle will be like 10x better than mine...I'm the one who is jealous.

    and they still dont know about scarlett