Thursday, April 14, 2011

Interlude to EA Adventure

I just thought I would say that I hate school. Hate technology. Hate that I get no sleep. Hate today.

Running on 4 hours of sleep everynight due to craptastic amounts HW and feeding at the barn.

My computer crashed in the middle of writing a paper. 9 pages...ALL my research lost. Due tomorrow AM. FML!

The videos from EA won't pull up on my comp, but will load onto youtube...3 hours at a time (2-4 min videos)..WTF

ANd I havn't been able to ride my horse in 5 days.

Today is a bad day.

There is my venting.

I hope tomorrow will be better, but I doubt it.


  1. Have to say I completely agree with you. I spent almost 3 hours at the computer help desk today because my computer got a virus. Sometimes technology sucks... Hopefully things can only get better for you!

  2. Will be better. Deep breath. You can do this!

  3. School sucks. It will be over soon. Hang in there.

  4. Wow that really, totally and completely sucks! I hope you have a much better day tomorrow (well I'm commenting late, but you know what I mean). Little or no sleep is absolutely brutal (for me anyway) so I understand.