Saturday, April 16, 2011


Again another side note to EA adventures (still having major issues with the videos uploading on youtube)...

Did anyone see what fuglyblog posted today???????



I have never seen one GOOD thing come out of western riding. Every single horse I have seen being ridden western is either, broken, sore in the mouth/back or way too f-ing hyper.

If there are some good western horses out there, please, do show me because I HATE seeing a horse SO broken that they cannot properly canter .

Those poor creaturs will never be the same, being trained with gimmicks and falsehoods. They never know what its like to be free in their gaits; forced to crawl along in a hop along canter and shuffling trot. They deaden their tail and tie their heads high so they cant hol dthem up by themselves anymore.

Barrel racers horses mouths are ripped to shreds...too f-ed up to be calm in any circumstance...

OMG I could go on and on, but the W. Pleasure/Hunter world is one that I would lOVE to see dissapear.

OK, rant, done.
Don't even get me started on other show horses...soring, heavy shoes, chains...god.


  1. Not *all* western riding does the things you've listed above though I do agree that 99% of western pleasure (AQHA-style) sucks. It makes me sick watching the upper level western pleasure shows, and I hate to see how it gives the western discipline a bad name. My mare Jazz has been ridden in all disciplines, including western. We've done lower level western pleasure, trail, gaming and reining. She's still sound at 21. But I actually ride her correctly, not like the idiots in fugly's video or the crazy people who do only gaming. Jazz can walk calmly into the arena (wearing a plain snaffle), run a good barrel pattern, and then stop and calmly walk back out! And she has a real canter, not a crippled one. You can see her here:
    She's definitely not a "broken" western horse.

  2. yeah I meant really, all I HAVE seen are broken ones...too many to count. I am glad you take care of your mare, as many dont. I wish I knew you in person so I could say Ive met a nicer western horse

  3. I agree with your on Western showing, especially Western Pleasure. That's the reason I just went trail riding as a kid and didn't show. Stupid. Just stupid. It breaks my heart what they do to horses. I've watched YouTube videos of those canters (err lope) and it hurts to watch them do that.