Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pulled Muscle and Jumping....

....Not the most brilliant idea I've ever was excruciating and I really rode like shit. Yankee put up with me well enough, poor guy. I don't know how I did it, but I imagine it was sometime at work last night, I woke up with the sorest back ever...
I should have just not ridden, but with Mill Creek 10 days away I really wanted to squeeze in one or two more stadium schools and a XC session with a few conditioning sessions (conditioning saturday) and dressage practice (one Friday).
It was a titch warm, and it was already 5:30 so I just wanted to do about half hour including warm-up, jumping and cool down.
He warmed up well but refused a baby fence four times. I'm pretty certain that was my bad. Without realizing it I was overcompensating for my sore muscle and pulling to the left as well as blatantly NOT riding the fence. Silly human.
As a result, when he did jump, he jumped badly...I mean, look at those knees...

gag me right?
Can you tell my back hurt? I NEVER crouch like this...
OK he didn't jump SO terrible and I know it feels worse than it looks but I now realize I should have just lunged him today or something. I had no business jumping :(
He tried really hard to jump well, but I was interefering a bit much without trying, so I kept the fences baby.
Not a bad effort, but loose knees...
Wow could I jump ahead more you think??
Yankee trying!
Overall, I was till happy with Yankee, but not myself. I learned that riding extremely sore is no bueno and I def. won't be doing that again!
Best fence by far! Knees could still be tighter, but my position is good and he is jumping round.
Waiting anxiously for finals to begin/be over....FINALLY turned in my two big papers...2 paintings due next Thurs, and my first final Friday, in spanish. I will have to retake, but at least I passed my last least..le sigh.
After Mill Creek, T-shirts WILL be made people!! I will re-post pics and add pricing, as well as the Dressage Tee I am working on. I think it will say, "Dressage: Extend it", like how I said, "Eventing: Just Jump It". Sound good? Ideas?
ALSO, thanks to our now 35 followers! WOOT, love you guys!


  1. Hey you guys on your worst day look better than me on my best, lol... not that that is any consolation.

  2. Yank's a trooper. I'm excited for tshirts!! (And, of course, your Mill Creek summary.)

  3. Ouch! You're much more determined than I am.

  4. Ouch I don't think I could ride with a sore back lol. I'm a total wimp hehe. Try not to beat yourself up. It's a lesson learned and no real harm came of it. I hope your back feels better soon.

    I'm excited about the shirts too. Can you let us know what colors we can get too? I like "Dressage: Extend It". If I think of other suggestions I'll leave a comment. You could make a poll and have people pick what it will say out of a few choices. One that popped into my head is "Dressage: Sport For Queens" . . . dressage queen get it? I like plays on words. :)