Sunday, May 8, 2011

We Can Has Stretchy Circles?

Yesterday night was dressage day. I ran the test through twice after some warm up. I was pretty happy with it overall, but it was SO muggy and hot and Yanks was very warm right out of the pasture so he was a lil sluggish and grumpy. 

I was unhappy with the free walk and stretchy circle. This horse can touch his nosey to the ground BOTH movements so I was dissapointed I couldn't get more out of him yesterday.

I love filming the tests because then I can see where I need work!! Like my extended movements (20m. canter circles after the 15m.) need more OOMPFH! I felt like he was really gettin'out there at the canter but when I watched the tape it barely looked any different. So  more impulsion needed! Same with the extended trot across the was lame.

Also, my transitions UP to the canter need finesse. I have 5 days to improve till we leave, but I don't want to burn him out so he gets Wed. and Thurs off and/or short lunge sesh with a jump school tuesday ( no exams!) and a light school tomorrow in dressage with some conditioning gallops today.

I hate drilling too much before a horse trial so I will just ride today, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday maybe. Friday, I always school by the dressage arenas. I have really awesome times (D: 9-something and XC: 1145 something, stadium Sunday) so I won't have to be rushing to dressage or any jumping. 

I am pretty confident that we will rock out the dressage. My goal is less than a 35 since he has been scoring in the high 30's and LOW 40's (SUCKY I know, but we've had our issues with dressage :/). NO MORE than a rail in stadium (last show we had like 3, GAG me) and DOUBLE clear XC. 

Now, to get through sucky exams. 

Let me know what you guys think about the video! JUST realized after googling videos of the Training level test B, did the trot circles wrong...I was wondering why they were so wonky in my practice run...they are supposed to be done length wise, no width wise. DO'H!

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  1. Wow I don't know the tests anymore. I had the old ones memorized. :) That halt was awesome and then he had to step sideways, silly horse! I think you guys looked great. Just have a few things to work on, but dressage is always a work in progress. :) I would love to see how his free walk normally is. I knew a horse once that had an amazing free walk and I just loved watching him.


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