Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sorry For Cursing?

WHOOPS. Probably shouldn't uploaded that to the net without listening to it...I forgot I am very verbal when I ride. We all curse right?

Anyways, the XC school went pretty good.

I googled the virtual coursewalk for the event this weekend, and most of it was CAKEpie. The only concern I had was with the bank up to a coop. Bank up combos is not our thing...and he aptly proved that by refusing this combo...
(A-bank up was fine...one stride to...)
(...B-coop, aw, failtastic.)
...4 times before realizing he was a big boy and that measly jump was too easy. Horses. Doesn't urt that I actually put the refusals past me and rode the dang fence. Humans.
"Ohhhhh, I CAN do this mom, it, like, so small and easy. What was I thinking? I get worked up over nothing."
We schooled some other fences that were pretty easy too...
I know right, what is up with my hands? In the video I don't know if you could tell, but he was being a pistol from hell and I had to bridge my reins to keep hold of him. He about ran off about 6 times, and literally ripped some skin off my hands..gloves next time.
I didn't want to do much, since it was almost 90 degrees out and sunny, but that was all the time I had to ride between exam schedules.
This fence is a pretty honkin' big'un. Matthew from Dressage Draft (it wouldn't let me link today) seems to think its pie, but I beg to differ. It is a prelim question and the ground right up to it in straight up, then its a drop on the back, to add, it is a VERY tiny skinny. looks wider in the pic, but my legs barely cleared it. I was proud of Yanks since we've never jumped anything like that and he did it the first time.
After the water and the ditch schooling I am feeling pretty good about dressage AND XC for the weekend and I'm trying to shove out any anxiety I have for stadium...3 more exams!


  1. Love the pictures and video! You guys look great--forward and confident. Best of luck with the exams.

  2. Jealous, jealous, jealous! And I don't have volume so I missed the cursing ;)

  3. Ouch! I can't believe you weren't wearing gloves. I learned my lesson on that one and it was during a dressage lesson in an enclosed arena. I'm surprised you have any skin left lol!

    I could tell he was excited and trying to run off. I think that's why I'm too scared to try XC. I'm glad things went well and that he didn't dump you. :)