Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Confessions of An Ebay Shopaholic/Tack Whore

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I have a problem. It might be as bad as a gambling issue, for bidding on Ebay is pretty similar.

I have a problem.

I love Ebay and all its fancy goods offered.

This story starts 6 years ago when I needed money for buying a horse (Yankee). I rounded up all my junk, I mean, fabulous tack, cleaned it up all shiny and listed it on this wonderous site called Ebay. Who is Ebay you say? Well it is this glorious sight of wonder and joy that sells pretty much anything you could want/need (including grilled cheese sandwhichs with Jesus on it) at extremely affordable and convienant prices.

Young Monica was bitten by the Ebay bug. Not only could I sell my crap for a good amount of money, I could buy crap for next to nothing. I quickly realized I could find anything on Ebay for less than half the price of retail stores/magazines. I felt like I fell into a pile of cupcakes and rainbows. It was like they invented this site for me!

Soon, Ebay was my go-to site for anything horse or electronic related. I bought and sold saddles, bridles, tack items and saddle pads. It was heaven. I thought I literally died and went to horse-tack heaven. I soon infected my parents with the Ebay bug and they were bitten equally as hard but with a larger spending budget. I believe they have sold 2 planes and a truck on there and bought a plane and fancy-ass car on Ebay. Who knew?

I have become an acheived seller and bidder. I know EXACTLY what price to start bidding at and EXACTLY when to bid on an item and how much to bid. I've literally won items by pennies because lesser humans don't understand that you don't always have to round to even numbers. I'm pretty much a pro and could probably get anything I wanted for less than $50 if I tried hard enough.

Fast forward 6 years to present day. I am now broke. Why you ask? I'm pretty sure its from my excessive Ebay browsing. You know, instead of logging on to Facebook right away, I get on Ebay. I glance through my "saved watch" ads and check on current purchases (yes purchases) shipping status. I browse through the gorgeous and affordable saddles, the almost new bridles, the helmets, breeches, fly masks and sheets, brushes, halters, etc. I believe I am out of control but I can't stop.

I just bought a bridle. I don't even need it. But it was only TWELVE dollars! And it will match the hackamore and jumping saddle I have so OF COURSE I HAD to get it. See I find myself making excuses for WHY I NEED something when I know perfectly well my bank account is planning suicide and I have rent and board and bills to pay in a week. 

Not to mention that I work at 2 minimum wage jobs and basically all my paychecks die as soon as I get them.

The real problem is HOW cheap everything is....see, I find something I need (like a fly mask) and for only $12.50 I can get a beautiful BLUE mesh flymask with ears and long nose. But I also stumble upon a breastplate, or girth or saddle pad for $15-$20  and BAM! There goes $50 easy. I do this all the time. I'm like, "OMG ITS ONLY $15!!!!!! OF COURSE I'M GOING TO GET THIS!!!" then I say that about 5 more times in a week and BAM! Bye bye half my paycheck. 

You'd think by now I'd stop, but I can't. Finding deals is like crack to me. Its addictive and gives me this rush like WEEEEEE! I'M FLYIIIIIIING! But somewhere in the back of my head I say to myself, "You know, you know you don't REALLY need this (yes you do crazy lady its only $10 for a f***ing bridle, shut up you cheap-o) and I have like 20 pairs of boots already (BITCH, its comes with the bridle, shut up! and bid on it already!!!!) and I don't get paid till next friday and rent is due and thats like $400 (BID ON IT BID ON IT BID ON IT)....its like a horrible scene with smegel from LOTR.

In 6 weeks I have spent, GASP, $361.52 on Ebay. Holy shit.
Recently, I've gotten a hackamore, true blood poster, phone cover, fly mask, bridle, bridle bag, elastic breastplate from GER. (THAT my blogger friends is a whole 'nother story itself. Email me sometime If you want to know that :P), boot savers, stirrups (NOT just ANY stirrups, carbon black, super light, offset eye stirrups. love), boot and clothing bag and reins. Not to mention my dressage saddle I bought a couple months ago. Help. Help. Help.....

So this is how I've come to own about 5 pairs of bridles, 20 (literally) pairs of woof boots and bell boots, 3 fly sheets, 5 turnout blankets, 3 stable blankets, 10 pairs of breeches, about 25 bits and countless other nonsense and retardedness. Needless to say my horse is a spoiled brat and he doesn't even know.

Somewhere deep down in my conscience I am ashamed for my fruitless spending habits. But really I am kinda excited I can for once (sorta) afford nice things and I actually spent a ton of time finding them and bidding on them.

Like I said, its like Christmas....

This is ridiculous. I'm sealing myself off from Ebay for a month. 


  1. It's a sickness. I'm whining about not affording shows and looking at three extra bridles in the tack room... haven't quite decided to sell them yet, but we're getting there. Good luck with the ebay free thing. Can you still use tacktrader?

  2. Hahaha, this makes me want to go eBay shopping right NOW. Off to eBay I go!

  3. nope. no tacktrader for me. I'm cutting myself off.

  4. MAYBE, what you need to do is use your skills for good not evil....
    and by good I mean, tack whore/hunt for the poor skill-less souls like me who aren't good at ebay so my tack whore comes out at inappropriately-retail-priced times.

  5. hahaha! i would love to hunt for others :)

  6. It's easy to solve your problem . . . sell the stuff you have so you can buy more mwahahaha! Sorry couldn't resist. :D

  7. i feel for you...i'm in the same boat, buying lots of clothes on ebay i don't need because they are such bargains and finding myself broke afterwards...


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