Thursday, July 7, 2011

How Would We Clothe Our Horses Without Ebay? And Other Things.

I am such a spoiled brat. Sort of.

Sometimes I wish I Didn't WANT things as much as I do. Because really, I have more than I need...most little girls don't ever get horses and I have two!

....But still there are things I would like. Is that a crime? And some things my horses need. Even though I don't technically NEED horses to live. I beg to differ, but by societies definition, all I need is food water and shelter. Whatever.

Not ebaying has been ...really hard.

But since my bank account is DANGEROUSLY low (like below $1000 total, omfg!) and I realize I was pretty frugal with my spending at horse shows and maybe 3 USEA shows (at about $700/weekend) in a month and a half just isn't a smart idea when you make minimum wage, HA. I only have 4 more shows planned until October...and they are ALL in July. More on that later.

So ebay. I caved. I bought the waterford. It has not been 30 days since I self-banned myself...for shame.

And I am still LUSTING after new duds. I reaaaalllly want a Charles Owen skull cap, silver please. A newer bridle for the hackamore I bought since I hate switching the reins from my XC jump one to the crappy 10 year old bridle the hackamore lives on. It is merely a convienance factor, but finding a legit bridle for $30 isn't difficult (I honestly just can't spare the $). I also really sorta need new tall boots but I have huge calves and freakish long legs and no retail boot would fit custom is all that seems will work. great. I would like to get a better fitting fly sheet for Yanks, his is always hanging around his neck when I find him because the belly band is too large. I need  new starts in a month, and that means new books...

I hate surprise bills too btw...I got my EPM vet bill from the vet. They said it would be $87....yeah $247 later...Also our windows are HORRID in my appt. and the AC bill was $193! For a 600sq. ft appt! WTF! I know a girl who lives in over 2000sq. ft and her bill was $100 less than mine. Wish the management would give us new windows...heres the horrible thing, they replaced all the windows of the appts. whose windows face the streets. yeah, mine doesn't.

Ok backing away from $$ problems. 

Did you guys keep up on the test event in Greenwhich? I sort of did. It blew my mind!! Look at these pics. CRAZY! I've never seen horses that close in the middle of the city.

Also, 2 of the shows we are doing are hunter shows. I know right, Crazy huh? Well, I don't think so; as much as I loathe the hunter world (no offense hunters) I think this will be fun. Let me say why I hate the hunters...they are usually quite mean. And not very good riders. Usually, I've seen great ones though but most are cruel to their horses, their people and other competitors. I rocked in hunters and therefore people tried to sabatoge me all time. How F****** rude!! And dangerous! Eventers are SERIOUSLY theeee nicest people and I will never go back to the A circuit. Luckily these cute hunter shows aren't A rated and I am doing them for fun with my best friend. They are $$ back and not much competition, so I am hoping to win some $. Class fees are only $5/class, which is crazy awesome. Also, this will give Yankee more show time. He is always nutso at shows, even after 6 years of it. Maybe a few more will help. Maybe?

The other two are Hunter Oaks in Illinois and the USDF Area 4 championships, both at the end of the month.

I am still pretty depressed about the whole $/still being at training level a 20 deal but your comments REALLY honestly DID help! I'm a natural sadsack and I tend to spiral into self pity parties quite often about some (seemingly) trivial things. Thank you to all 47 of my readers!


  1. Sorry the money stuff is sucking so bad right now. I totally understand and feel for you. I hate not having money. Especially when drug dealers are winning $20,000 in the lottery, but I'm too frugal to spend my money on them for the chance to win lol. The irony kills me.

    Those Greenwich pictures are friggin awesome! Wow! That's makes me want to practice my photography skills lol. Makes mine look like crap.

    The fly sheet thing shouldn't be hard to fix since it's too big. If you know how to sew or know someone who sews you can save yourself a lot of money by doing some custom work on it.

    Good luck at the shows. I hope you win some money classes to help you out with the money situation. :) I'll keep my fingers crossed Yankee is the amazingly talented angel we know he is lol.

  2. I feel your pain about the money. Horses have a vacuum installed in them somewhere. I'm still looking around for it. It's there, I know it is.

    As for the Greenwich pictures: my favorite was the one where the pair were jumping a fence right next to the playground. I can just imagine kiddos going "WTH Pony?" as they kind of appear from behind the fence and then go away. That has got to be a ridiculously challenging course because not only is everything crammed in there, it's in the middle of a city and thus probably a very spooky and electric situation for most horses. Wow! They turned a golf course into the xc course in Hong Kong... I guess eventers can really ride around anywhere!

  3. It seems to me that you're a pretty smart girl and you will figure things out. It's funny but very true, things do have a way of working out no matter how tough things seem to be right now. I've gone through some pretty rough patches before and miraculously, I've managed to pop back up all the better. Hang in there!

  4. I so want to try the hunters. I don't know why, but I have this crazy fascination with them. Thus, I need a hunter bridle. Right??

    Sigh. Best of luck with all that.

  5. Thought I'd through this out there--home depot sells this plastic that goes over the joints on windows like a shrink wrap (and you blow dry it to get it tight and set!). It's super cheap and it helps with keeping the temp in your apartment... worth a shot!

  6. Ive tried cats demolish it.


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