Friday, July 8, 2011

The (real) Ponyface and Cows

Thanks AGAIN for the encouragement! I LOVE  my readers...might be doing a contest soon...heh. Stay updated!

For the 4th, Brandon (the ever amazing BF) and I went to see my BFF her her BF at her farm in Saint Louis. What better than eating and having fun with the best of friends right?

Seeing your pony!! DUH! Well, it was really great to see Tracy, but I hadn't seen my pony, Zephyr, since December. Tracy's mom graciously lets me board her there for free since I cannot afford board here in columbia for her too.

My fat pony is no longer fat either! Tracy's mom has her on a diet and a dry lot. She eats only hay, and always has fresh water available. I'm pretty sure she has lost AT LEAST a 100 lbs. No joke.
The very slim after pictures!

The very fattie before pictures....with my moms cow in the BG

She CAN be ridden :P

Z with my brother about a year ago

Z is 3 years old now, born in March of 2008. I bred her myself with the intent of her being a companion animal for Yankee. Also, she is trained to the cart and eventually I want to saddle break her. I've sat on her, but I'm too big to canter or trot or jump her.

The cows!!

After I played with Z and made sure she knew I loved her still, we went out to the cow pasture to feed them treats! Who knew cows like horse treats? Apparently it makes them friendly, and easier to handle come sale/breeding/calving/moving pastures time.
Haha, they were like enveloping our whole hands with their tongues! It felt funnnny! Disregard my fattie boomblattie midsection. Someone hasn't been working out.

Brandon is some sort of cow whisperer or something...they loved him!

Tomorrow, Yanks and I will be making the short trip to STL for the hunter show with Tracy. He will stay there till I come back the 14th for the other 3 day hunter show, I will miss him :/

Until nextime :)


  1. Your pony is SO.ADORABLE! The end.

  2. She is my nugget muffin. Uber cute if you ask me :)

  3. She is adorable! I want a miniature horse lol. I'm glad you got to go visit her and that the diet works. They are so hard to keep from getting fat. :)

  4. dude...this girl blooms up so fast. Even in winter, she is fat!