Sunday, August 28, 2011

F*** Authority

Sorry for my long abscence, I've just lost my camera amongst all other things and hate blogging without pictures, its boring.

So as of late I've been doing not a whole lot of anything and my horse has managed to massacre his back R hind and rip out half his tail as well. How, I have no idea.

As for my title, as you can see below, I rode my horse. One week after my crash...yeeeah. My injury hasn't healed, ahaha. Oh well, you can't keep a girl from her horse!

I decided to ride him in the double, since I havent done that since winter. He LOVES the double. He is so much more relaxed, and not rushy and all that. I wish I could compete at training with the double bridle. I think he just enjoyed the thicker bits, so I am looking for a thick, french link, loose-ring for dressage.

Yankee pants looking rather bleached out, but relaxed.
Amazing what a nice, relaxed, active trot looks like!
And how about that canter! Please disreguard my position here, I look rather floppy. But I've only ridden 3 times in the span of a month!

And yes, this is my new barn :) He doesnt move in till thursday, but I wient there to ride with Ayla.

I am getting the knock-off version nof the Eskadron climatex wraps...I'm on a budget, but I'm hoping they work just as nicely as the real thing!

I don't have much else, to update. Sorry about the boring!


  1. He looks gorgeous in these photos and it looks like you had a great ride, pretty great to get when he has only been ridden a few times in a month. Give us a review on the wraps once you try them.

  2. You look lovely together :o) I love his color, even if it is bleached out!

  3. Goo, what did he do to his RH? What is with the RH lately with injuries.........!
    You guys look great as always :)

  4. He tore it up some how in his stall for crying out loud! not lame, just pretty shredded...its healing quick though!

    And thank you guys! :) we had a great ride that day :)

  5. Yeah I'm sick of mysterious injuries too. :( I'm glad it's healing up and he's not lame. And you can't tell he tore out his tail. :)

    I'm glad you're feeling better and able to ride.

    You guys look great. Yankee is gorgeous even if he's bleached out. :)

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