Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My first post was rushed, and hurried and I think that this subject deserves MUCH more respect and thoughtfullness on my part.

Many of us know how heartbreaking Eventing can be. The challenges are what draw many to the sport, but the challenges can also be a downfall to the must unsuspecting of athletes. Missteps, falls, scrapes, cuts and bruises all come with this exciting sport.

As many of you also might know, successful eventers, Andrea and Gogo are going though something no horse mom/owner should have to experience. 2 years ago, beautiful Gogo sustained and rather terrible injury to her right kind leg during a competition. Careful rehab and all the love in the world was all Andrea could do for this amazing mare, and sadly, they might've lost the battle after two long years.

I simply cannot fathom by any degree, what pain Andrea must be going through. Even though she is a new friend, I have respected her from day one (a few days after Gogo's original injury) and fell nothing but sympathy and sorrow for her. She is the strongest woman I know and I have no idea how she bounces back from the worst situations that would turn me to mush. relocations, injured horses, getting fired, Gogo...I would lose it.

Last year, Brooke, almost lost her mare, Denali, and Andrea stepped up and started a fund for Denali and Brooke.
"None of us thought even for a moment that Andrea herself would be in the same position [as Brooke] in just a few months. Gogo's injury, carefully rehabbed for two years by the most meticulous and caring owner imaginable, continues to get worse. Andrea wants the best for her and won't condemn her to a life of pain, regardless of how much she just wants to hang on to her beloved mare."
This time WE want to do something for her. With Stacey (Kleinmare's mom) , Brooke (Denali's mom) and Aimee's (Izzy's mom) help, we are getting together something for her, however the situation turns out.

If anyone can, PLEASE donate anything you can give to this amazing mare and her courageous mom. If or when you donate, we will put you on the contact list to help decide what we are doing.

Even if you can't donate, don't worry, just keep these two in your thoughts and if you're the prayin' type, please do.

We ALL love you and Gogo, Andrea and we are here for you!


  1. My heart goes out to daughter is facing the same decision right now. 17 is too young to have to go thru this. Horses...they break your heart but what would we do without them?

    Andrea and Gogo are in my prayers.

  2. Andrea and Gogo have been in my thoughts almost constantly. As have Kelly, her daughter and Hennessy. It breaks my heart what they are going through. I can't donate unfortunately. My husband was injured and now is unemployed so we have little to spare. I can however pray for them and offer my support. I'll also post a link to here on Chrome's blog so that more people will read it and hopefully donate. Thanks for being a part of setting this up. You're awesome!