Saturday, August 13, 2011

Greg Best Clinic

My friends Ayla and Nancy rode with Greg Best yesterday. He is doing a 3 day Showjumping clinic here this weekend. I almost did it since its Greg-freaking-Best, but since it was $250 a lesson I sat it out. TWO FIFTY A LESSON? Are you high? Also,  he was a big meanie jerk-face anyways so I am glad I ended up just watching. Not that I learned much...

I was really excited to watch, since it is the famous Greg! He rode Gem Twist in the Olympics and won 2 silver medals in Showjumping. I thought I would learn a ton from this guy, since he has done it all SJ wise.

Alas, I learned only that "horses need to be straight after a fence". A-duh. Everyone knows that. He did not focus on any of the riders ACTUAL goals or problems, but merely chose his favorite "pretty" pair and worked with them the most while the others either stood there or trotted meekly around. I was pissed for them.

In 2 1/2 hours, they jumped all of 2 jumps and he spent the majority of the time yelling at them telling them how much they suck. Literally. I was in awe just at his mean-ness, not his brilliant teaching skills, like I was expecting. 

They spent over and hour on canterwork and by the time they came around to jumping, the horses seemed pretty tired, espechially the pony and the little girl. This was a BN group with young horses (well the pony was old and fat, but very safe for a little girl) and they were getting anxious/exhousted about being out there so long. Overall, I was dissapointed with his teaching and how rude he was, even to the little girl, she had to be but 7. I felt bad for my friends, who basically overpaid a guy to yell at them and not constructively give them anything to work on.

Greg did have one good peice of advice....oh wait, no he didn't.

In other news, I have been laying in my bed/couch for 2 days, too depressed to ride or do anything. I've had the days off from work, so literally, I have done nothing except go to meetings with my advisors at school. I either sleep, or lay in bed watching netflix. Its a fun pity party. Hopefully it passes soon.

Speaking of Gem twist....Who do you think is better? Click their names for video.

The 2nd video of each is at the same show in Stockholm 1990.

I vote Milton actually. He was so much lighter, quicker and nimbler then good ole Gemmy. Both amazing horses, but I prefer Milton.

Sometimes I feel like I should become a SJ, they can make SOOOO much $$. You never see an Eventer get rich from the sport, but damn, SJ bring in some bank!


  1. Wow, that sounds disappointing. Good thing you weren't suckered into giving up $250 for that.

    Sorry to hear about your pity party :( That really sucks. It will pass. Maybe you just need some down time to pout and then you'll start moving forward. Maybe in this down time you'll think of some ingenius plan to solve your problems too!!

    I don't know, I think I like Gem Twist just a little more. I really can't wait to see how his clone Gemini ends up doing.

  2. I love the header!!! Very nice.
    How unfortunate for the other riders, I'd be really mad, I'm glad you didn't pay for that garbage.
    Sorry you're feeling low, it happens... and it goes away. I hope it's soon for you.

  3. I love the new header. Very exciting!

    Sorry you're down. :-( At least you have some time to be that way. It's better to process the emotions and then move on instead of just pretend they aren't there and take them out on everyone around you (as I tell my husband all.the.time.) ;-)

  4. I love the new header picture too! :)

    That really sucks for your friends regarding the clinic. You know they say that just because you're good at something doesn't mean you can teach. Evidently he's on of the ones who can't teach.

    Sorry you're so down. I can totally understand. That's a lot for one person to deal with. I hope things work out quickly for you.

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