Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vaca Sucks...Sometimes

I hate vaca sometimes. 

Only sometimes though. Cuz there are cute little goats to pet at the fair. Check out the awkward tan ( super brown arms and face...white, pasty legs)

My sweet pups in the car. Zoey likes to lay on Tonka sometimes...
....he obviously does not care.

But mostly I hate vaca...I gain like 7 lbs because I have 2 families stuffing food in my face and I am a poor college girl so free food is like, GOLD.

But I miss my horse, tons.

But I also get a break from work and school...which is much needed

But I also have to deal with two families shoving food in my mouth all day :P....

Anyways, I am back and ready to ride. I was going to give Yanks 2 weeks off, but I can't not ride my horse...what was I thinking. I won't be doing competition conditioning or work, just hacks and a few dressage schools here and then. And some jumping, of course.

On the boarding front, I found a place. Pro's-she will let me work off board and lessons, indoor, outdoor, XC, amazing dressage instructor. Con's- haven't seen it yet, SELF CARE-own hay, grain, sawdust ($$$) (am I crazy??) and a bit of a drive (25 minutes is a lot for a full time college student/full time worker).

I am a bad horse mom. I am literally saying I don't want to see my horse everday. Well, scratch that, I CAN'T see my horse everyday. I am too busy, simple as that. I cannot make it out TWICE a day with above said full-time things. I really took for granted having someone feed him twice a day for me if I couldn't make it out. I fed my own horses for 9 years (I don't mind it, in fact I prefer it, just my barn was right outside my front door then), but in my situation and time limit, full-care is the best option. I am on the wait-list for a full-care stall, but for now, I might move him into a self-care stall for the arenas. Plus I can't imagine the gas bills I will rack up on top of board fee and grain and hay and farrier and vet and supps and sadface. I am going to see it Tuesday...

As for the bit update and retraining decision...I haven't QUITE figured out what to do yet re-training wise since he is simply just too erratic and hyper to formulate a simple retraining program. I will think of something though that will work out. I need to talk to that OTTB girl on Youtube...
I am going to try THIS bit in the meantime, since I can't afford a $140 Myler combo bit, even though that is the one I want. If it doesn't work the way I want and need it to, it goes in the trunk.

Here are some fun pics for you from when I was younger and WAAAAY younger.

Yankee and I when we first started competing together. WOW was I skinny. Sometimes I think we were better as a team back then...when I was taking lessons. I mean, look at that frame! Don't worry folks, I am starting lessons here in a bit! I need them!

And how cute is this! I was ten here, even though I don't look it! I was pretty tiny for my age, but Dolly was only 14 hands. She was my pretty girl and I could've asked for a better first horse, even if she was a brat and bucked me off everyday, I still love her. I got her when she was 18, and she had just come off the breeding farm after having been an pureblood Arabian broodmare for 10 years. She is 28 now, and I worry she will be leaving this earth soon :(She lost most her teeth, and she is not keeping weight and laying down more and more. Prayers for my sweet baby girl in South Carolina, stay happy girl.


  1. I know it's hard to move in and start asking for changes, but maybe there's another self care boarder you can co op it with. Look for the most neurotic natural horse-ish person you can find and close in. They usually say yes because 1) they think they care more about your horse than you do and 2) they are super neurotic so your horse will have impeccable care.

    That's what I did when Izzy was in a stall and the barn didn't offer turnout. ;-)

    So glad you found a place, though I have precious little sympathy for the whole 25 minute drive thing. Hello, that's my day.

  2. I like Sprinkler Bandit's idea. Having someone who can feed for you when you're too busy in exchange for you feeding and giving her a day off every once in a while. Perfect. :) Let us know how the barn visit goes.

    I totally understand about not passing up free food lol. To solve the problem just start up a workout routine before school starts. They say if you make it past the first two weeks it gets a lot easier (which for me was true) to stick with. Of course my schedule isn't as insane as yours . . . anyway good luck! I'm glad you had a good vacation. Oh and your legs don't even look pale in that picture hehe. :)


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