Monday, August 22, 2011

Guess I'm Open For Business

Since sketching this crappy picture for my friend Ayla and her horse Fancy...

Tons of people have been emailing or FB me for portraits. SO. I guess I am open for business!

Sketches I will do for free and simply upload them to FB and tag you in it. Sketches are on 10x10 paper, and take me about 20-30 minutes. The above picture took me about 25 minutes and it was a rough drawing, not done very well actually. Gancy's neck is a bit off, and Ayla is way too big. Sketches are in graphite or vine charcoal.

Otherwise, if you want me to take some time and really get the proportions and lighting correctly done (NOT like in Ayla's drawing-it has some major obvious flaws) the pricing is as follows...
10x10 portrait in charcoal, pen or graphite $40
18x24 portrait in charcoal, pen or graphite $70
Any size, add color, +$10

So yeah, if you want something done, I would love to give you something other than a photograph to represent or remember your special ponyface by :)

Example of the beginning of a portrait for a friend and her horse named Chance

Beginning of  sketch for Stacey and Kleinmare, much needed to fix here, just an example of the beginnings

An example of some pen and color work. This was part of a 30 panel storyboard for a class

Sorry its sideways but this is an example of charcoal. Black and white charcoal on brown paper. This took me 11 hours. Life sized, for class.

So if anyone is interested, email me at

ALSO, tons more examples on my FB :)


  1. Looking good. :-) Can't wait for mine.

    I mean, do your homework, take your time, and OMG I WANT AN IZZY PIC.

  2. I LOVE your artwork!!! You have some serious talent!

  3. I wish I had money lol. I'd love for you to do one of Chrome. :) Maybe someday.