Sunday, August 21, 2011


My sadface. My burns hurt! !

Hoping, praying, pleeeading my bad luck ends soon. Please? Pretty please? I can't handle much more.

Tonka says "preeze Gawd, let mah mommee stop stressing over splited milk"

So now we get to see how destroyed my Brandon's car is, and what we are going to do about getting him a new one. He still had 14 months left on it to pay off, so I don't really know how this is going to work. I feel like the worlds biggest asshole :/ 

Our insurance companies aren't agreeing either on coverage...awesome guys! Lets throw more on the shitpile that seems to be my life! My insurance believes that Brandon's is responsible for both vehicles, whilst his thinks mine should pay for repairs on the other car and his will cover his car. Personally, I think my insurance should cover it all...

OK moving on from all that junk.

I rode the ponyface today...bareback...DON'T TELL ANYONE! 

He was super sweet and loving today and our ride was brief but excellent! It was rather moist out, and we were both sweatin after about 10 minutes, but I just hopped on bareback and rode him down the lane a bit.

 We cantered on a little grassy knoll and I couldn't help but feel giddy all over! I was tingley I was so happy! My hair was blowing in the sunshine and my beautiful sweet horse was beneath me and I was ALIVE! I will NEVER take for granted again the little things...after coming so close to near death, I am just thankful to have a horse who will let me hop on bareback and canter him in the grass along a road and be so kind and gentle with me :) I love him!

The dirty fat pony before I rode, nommin on some breakfast. God is he bleached!! But look at his dapples, they ARE there!

I've been sketching a ton over the weekend since I am houseridden (sort of, just scared to drive mostly!).

Been in a racehorse mood I guess. I also have begun my sketch of Kleinmare and Stacey who BTW are kicking major pa-toot-tay at Goose Downs this weekend!

In other news, classes start tomorrow AKA "My relative freedom is ending".


  1. I love riding bareback. I remember one day I took my mom's fat little beagle to the barn (she loves it out there!), and I hopped on bareback and did jogged around the field, and the dog was hopping along beside us, and Amber would slow down to let her keep pace. So cute.

    I hope all the crap you're going through straightens out soon. :( We all have those times...they suck, but you have to keep reminding yourself it WILL get better.

  2. Ugh I hate dealing with insurance companies (and banks for that matter). I agree your insurance company should probably cover it but they are going to try to pay as little as possible because they are greedy scum lol. Sorry, been having to deal with that crap too much this year. Good luck getting it sorted out.

    I love spontaneous bareback rides! I can't wait until Chrome and I can do that. I have no idea how long it will take me to be that comfortable with him. I've only ever been that comfortable with one horse in my life and I had her for twelve years lol. Someday. :) I'm glad you got to sneak a ride. It sounds like it did good for your mood.

    Your art is gorgeous. I'm so jealous hehe. :)

    I hope you heal up quickly and that starting classes are painless lol.

  3. I HATE $^#^&#%&*#%^& INSURANCE COMPANIES.

    Sigh. It will get worked out eventually. Somehow they will be fine and you will be screwed only slightly less than if you didn't have insurance to begin with, in my experience.

    You're almost done with school!!