Thursday, August 18, 2011

Moving Time and Big Updates

In September that is.

I started working at Liz's barn yesterday and HO-boy is it a TON of work compared to Cheryl's. I will gladly take the hours, but wow, lotsa things to do. Her horses are out at pasture almost 24/7 so you have to bring them in to feed and turn back out when they are done, and there are a bajillion stalls, buckets and aisles to clean, and we have to water and drag the arena everyday but I LOVE the place :) The horses are very well mannered (with one exception and he is year old, but not that bad) and there is the oldest mare and she is just too cute :)

I'm excited about moving Yanks there...he will have a FREAKING PASTURE to romp and be a horsey in 12 hours of the day and OTHER HORSES to play with!!!! He's been by his lonesome since October of 2010 and I can tell its getting to him. He loves playing with buddies! Pasture is SO good for horsies :)

He will be in the lower barn the self care barn, and it is so quaint! He has a nice roomy stall, a small, gravel paddock, fan, bar stalls and a lookout at  his aisle door as well as a hay rack (yay for not wasting hay!). Only downside is he is at the opposite side of the barn away from the other self care horses, but when he goes out, he will be able to play. Because of that, when he is in during the day, I don't want to shut the back door to his stall because it is solid and has no lookout...soooo I broke down and bought a stall guard. One of those huge, solid looking ones so at least he can look out and see other horses. 

I'm excited! Hannah is even trying to move out to Liz's because Cheryl is craaaaaysay and fired her too AND raised board on her. I miss riding with her, so I hope she can.

I rode Yanks for the first time in 3 weeks yesterday...he was excited to be out but good. I didn't do much since he is WAY due for shoes (Friday!)  and wanted to take it easy after 3 weeks off. He looks brilliant! Wish I took pics...fat and shiny :)

As for my life, it's better. I knew it'd get better but I can't help but worry and feel down. My wonderful mom stepped up and made me a deal. She help me pay off my debt and electric bill, and I will be re-homing my big dog.

I thought about it and its prolly for the best. She is a herding dog, and is way too fat and bored stuck in my apartment. She sleeps all day, but she began a bad habit of chewing pens and trash. She is bored and I feel bad for her. If anyone wants a free, sweet doggie who is truly good, just bored in my house, you can have her. She comes with all her things, like bed and crate and bowls and stuff. I'm pretty sad, but I think it will improve her quality of life.
Who couldn't love that face!

Classes start Monday and I'm actually looking forward to it, but my schedule really bites. M/W I have class from 10-11 then not again till 3:30 and that lasts till 5 (ack!). T/ThH suck worse though, 11-5 straight, no breaks. Friday is cool, I have one class and thats my 10-11...I feel like come winter I will be skipping that one big time...I graduate in MAY!!!!!!!! I'm trying to get into grad school though and I need to take that grad school test thing...I hear its difficult. HA.

I've been on a "diet" for about a week now and I've noticed a difference along with working out, riding and barn work. I also have not been eating fastfood all month. I eat a breakfast replacer milkshake or bar which keeps me full for about 4 hours, I eat a light snack of a bar or fruit or a slice of meat with creamcheese spread at 11, a cob salad with light dressing for lunch  at 2 and usually chipotle (when I work) or some other light dinner consisting of protein and some sort of carb at 6 or 9. Itssss working! I bought size 12 jeans today!!! I was a 14 a few months normal size is a 10 so only one more size to go! YAY me! 

As for YOU guys...I love you all! you are SO supportive! I feel like some of you are some of my best friends and I love having you all to ask advice, share experiences and get support from. And of course, I love reading all your blogs!


  1. :-( Sad about the doggy, but it does sound like it will be best for her to have a place to run more.

    Hooray about the diet and boarding and job!!! So glad things are going better for you. I didn't want to harass you about it, but I hoped things had improved.

    And... maybe you can get your homework done in the big at-school break? That would be sweet.

  2. Sorry you have to rehome your doggy but I bet you will find a great home. Also so glad things are working out!

    Wooohooo I love buying smaller cloths! I recently went from size 18 to size 10 so you have way less to go. You can do it!!

  3. Wow it sounds like things are definitely improving. I'm so happy for you. I know it was really tough there for a while.

    That's really sad about having to rehome your dog, but I totally understand. I had actually considered doing the same with Storm because she's bored and sleeps all of the time, but she doesn't chew and isn't fat so I figure I can't be doing a horrible job lol. I just need to start training her again to keep her mentally stimulated and I need to exercise her more when it cools off outside (yes I've considered rehoming her somewhere it's a lot cooler). I can't do it though because she's ten years old, healthy and seems happy. Anyway that long ramble was simply to say I totally understand why you're doing it and it does sound like it's in her best interest. You are just way too busy to give her all that she needs. I know it's hard, but she'll be happier when she has a place to run and things to chase. :)

    Yay on graduation. Not long to go now. :) Good luck with your test.

    The new barn sounds really awesome. I hope your friend can move out there. Keep up the great work and have fun!

  4. Oh duh, so much in one post I forgot to comment on the weight loss. Congrats!! It sounds like you're doing really well. I stopped eating fast food (well I slip up sometimes) a year ago now and it's been the best thing I think I've ever done. :) Keep it up!


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