Saturday, August 20, 2011


So 2 days after my "happy post" I get in a pretty god-awful car accident.


Now my life is back to its f***dom and I am yet again freaking out.

The worst part is that the wreck was my fault and I wasnt driving my car, it was Brandon's and its totally wrecked. The entire front end is gone up to the engine...completly shaved off as easy as a hot knife through butter. FML FML FML FML!

Not only did I total my boyfriends car, his mom is pissed, both our insurance rates will go sky-high now and I have to go to court and pay some hefty fines. AWESOME.

I was minimally hurt, burns on my left arm and severely sprained fingers and wrist from the airbag but other than that, just a massacred conscience. I feel like a total asshat. "Look mom, look what I can do! Stop traffic on a major highway for over an  hour!"

However, I feel lucky to be alive. If the other car had been a fraction of a second slower (she hit me at 75 MPH) I would have been smashed by her car, not the front end of the car I was driving. The other driver was totally fine, just scared since I spun her car off the road into a ditch. Her car was barely damaged too, just the windsheild and a rather large dent in her passenger side door.

So this means no riding for another week, and after that slow walking, no fast work or even trotting since I can't grip anything with my hand.



  1. That's insane, but I'm glad you're okay!

    :( I hope things get better soon!

  2. I'm glad you're alive. I'm sorry the suckage snuck up and clobbered you again. It can't keep getting worse, right?

  3. Geez. Glad no one was seriously injured. Be careful out there!

  4. Sounds horrible. Accidents happen to anyone, be happy you are OK (and everyone else) that is #1

  5. Geez, I hope that's the last of your bad luck! You deserve a break.

  6. Yikes! That's awful! I'm so sorry it happened and I'm glad you aren't hurt worse than you are. I know you're beating yourself up for this, but keep in mind everyone makes mistakes, even really big, scary mistakes, so don't be too hard on yourself. Just learn from the mistake, clean up the mess to the best of your abilities and move on. Hugs.

  7. How scary! I'm so glad you weren't hurt worse and that the other driver is ok. Don't beat yourself up too badly. Accidents happen!