Thursday, October 13, 2011

Video Dump

Yeah, I bucked up and jumped this big guy.

Here's another video doing a simple line. Its muy interesanto.

He is terrifying!!

If this guy wants to refuse, he does, and there is no stopping that massive shoulder from ducking. I about fell off once, and I rarely fall. Unless your name is Yankeepants and you throw a dirty refusal mid XC round, then I doubt I am coming off you. I had to grab mane a good 4 times though on this guy. Really, all he needs is a stronger bit, because a snaffle is line twine in his mouth...useless. Pretty difficult finding a drafty-strong gag or elevator though.

Pronto is my friend Hannah's horse and if you're new to this blog, Pronto is half percheron/half TB and is a MONSTER. I'm pretty sure he is about 18hh, or over. I must stick him to find out. I look tiny on him and I'm 5'9.

Anyways, I also jumped my horse, bareback and it was a success (Droid upload to youtube FAIL). He jumps so well without a saddle. Its a travesty I can't compete bareback.

Fun fact, my sophomore year in High School, I didn't ride with a saddle at all. It was so much fun and my balance and core got wicked tight. You should try it sometime!!

In other news...I'm working on a MAJOR art ptoject for class, so I apologize profusely to thouse who haven't gotten a drawing yet...I am so tragically busy and then this whole Andrea/Gogo gifting thing and midterms....they're coming.

About the project...we have to draw a moment in our lives that impacted us the most but make it so no one knows what that is. DIFFICULTNESS.

I was debating between my car accident and them moment I knew I wanted to ride horses forever...of course I chose horses...DUH.

To do this without being obvious of intent, I am going to draw a child version of myself in a grassy field with all the horses that have impacted my life the most. So that would be, Dolly, Spirit, Yankee, a horse named Jack and my mini, Zephyr. 2 chesnuts, a bay, a grey and a palomino. perfect :) I will definetly keep you updated with pictures.


  1. BIG OL BOY! Wow!

    Man, I would hate to be the VIEWER of those drawings. I don't like it when I can't figure out what the artist is trying to show me! Which would be why modern art never made jump up and down.... but still sounds like it will turn out well!

  2. Ha. I rode a 17 hand TB with total slab sides one time. It was like sitting on a fence post. Can't imagine riding a monster like that (no offense intended to Hannah, if she's reading). To each their own, I guess.

    Sounds like you're having your own personal October from hell. Enjoy!

  3. Tell Hannah to look at german tack store websites and draft stores. My boy takes a 6in bit and i remember seeing tons of elevators in 6+ inch when i was looking for snaffles

  4. I think Pronto is awesome. I love huge, gorgeous horses. :) I would not however like the refusing if I were a jumper lol. I don't need help getting off tyvm. :)

    Your art project sounds awesome. I would love to see a picture when you complete it.