Monday, November 7, 2011

I Didn't Die, I Promise

I've just been supremely busy/hella lazy about blogging. Also I've been waiting on my friend to upload pictures for me, but she hasnt yet....FAIL.

They were really good too, galloping and jumping.

So to catch you all up...
First say hello to fall...
Oh herro ponyface.
It was finally FALL weather (45degrees), for about 2 days. Then we got snow..WTF, then back up to 75. I hate.

I think I left off about 2 weeks ago (maybe longer) with saddle issues. Which I think I figured out, but I will get to that in a bit. 

I gave him a week off since I had midterms. I got raped. I fail at college.

I jumped Yankee last Sunday and it was...interesting. He was crabby as a mo' fo' but still jumped like a champ, just with some extreme bronc action and ear laying. Perplexing.

He refused once (which I got on camera, haha) but otherwise, jumped perfectly. I set up a small course, and one large oxer. I'd say it was about 3ft wide and 3'6 or 3'9, I really have no idea. I have pictures...but they're still on the camera.

After that I gave him a day off, and ever since then I've been riding him every other day, switching it up with Dressage school, hack/gallop and jump ride. I didn't ride over the weekend at though, because I am sick. That WOULD happen to me right as we were getting back in the swing of things and right before TWO massive exams. Excellent.

Here is a video of part of our hack. Its a link to FB, so I don't know if you can see it if you're not friends with me. Droid fails to upload to YouTube=pissing me off.

My ex left town and gave me Big Sexy back...

As for the saddle/dressage issues. I MIGHT have figured it out. MAYBE. It might have been a fluke, but we will see come Thursday (when I can ride again).

I rode him once without adjustment and he was just ok, still had some stiff trot work, but I kept him busy with transitions and lateral work (which seemed to help a bit).

The big change I noticed was when I moved his saddle back. A LOT. Like, where you would think it shouldn't be. BUT it made a massive difference. No more stiff ponyface, glorious trot work and he held impulsion in his haunches in all the way down the long side.

Hopefully I can try my theory out more this week after Thursday, but I have GOT to study/get better. I'm trying to wrangle my friend Ben into lunging him for me so he isn't sitting around getting crabby and lazy. He seemed to enjoy the every other day attetion/rides.

And here are some pictures of his cookie face. He is adorable.
Ok, well thats a yawn, but still adorable.
Here is a video.

I'm becoming the crazy cat-horse lady. I literally have like 100 pics of him on my phone.
I am possibly the most boring person ever, unless its Friday.


  1. I find that Amber's saddle placement really makes a difference in her. If it's sitting on her wrong, I can tell she doesn't have as much forward motion. She's not the type to throw tantrums, but there is definitely some grouchy ear laying. Hard to tell if I've got my saddle placed a little off when we work on new/more difficult things, because she will also ear lay when she's getting confused about something.

  2. Hm, yes, a tiny lil' 3'9" oxer. FOR SHAME.

    Oh... yeah... that's flipping huge.

    I want to see pics.

  3. Can't wait for the pictures/videos of jumping! :) I'd love to see them. :)
    Saddle placement definitely does make a big difference. Nice job figuring it out, lol ;) I don't know if I would've been as witty.

  4. I think a lot of people tend to put saddles too far forward so it wouldn't surprise me if that is his issue. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the issue is resolved.

    Also would you mind adding Chrome on Facebook so I can see the videos? Just search Beebee's Chrome Chevalier and he should pull up. Thanks!

  5. Just saw this comment, Acheive, I added him!


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