Friday, November 11, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Ok wow this is like 3 weeks late but better late than never, right? Right.
I might be getting over my second sickness quit well, thanks to the boy, who has been feeding me sickiness meds and making me food and letting me sleep all day while he takes care of my dog and horse. How sweet :D
In bad news, I haven't been able to ride, so thats a bummer. After Thanksgiving, I SWEAR, the pony will get shaved, and go back into at least 4 days a week work.
So here is some picture spam from liek 3 weeks ago. And yes, it is still like 70 dregrees here. Ok not 70, but its still t-shirt weather. I HATE.
He was enjoying our canter in the pasture

Nice reach bud
I love this one...wish it wasn't blurry

My position really blows. I think its because my leathers were too long and I didnt notice. Whatevs.
Also I jumped Yankee Sunday and he was VERY good. The saddle issues were fixed just by moving it back some, so thats a relief!
There are a few videos on my FB of the jumping I did Sunday, but for some reason my retarded phone and computer both fail at life, as usual and I can't link it. Sadface.
Until next time, fellow nerds.


  1. He's so gorgeous. I'm glad you're starting to feel better again. I do have to politely disagree about the weather though. I love t-shirt weather hehe.

  2. OMG your horse jumps barrels!!

    Yay new blog post.


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