Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lunging for Contact and Nakedness!

BEHOLD, nekked ponyface.

This was quite possibly the quickest shave Ive ever done at one hour, 5 minutes. Boss status.

Sort of, the blade wasnt that sharp and he has some lines in his neck and left cheek because when I went over it to smoothe it, it didnt even re-clip. Odd but whatever.

Cranky because he had to stay in ALL day. How tragic. 
I didnt want the shaved beast out in the pouring, cold effing rain. Even with a sheet on, he would have been soaked. And in my defense against you non-shaver people, all the horses that were not nude stayed in too. So there.
"BETCH, you better give me a cookie for this torture"

Oh and by the way...I totally effed up his face. Its extremely difficult to clip a goat-hair, finely boned TB with retarded huge clippers. Its a fact.
Isn't he just so much prettier without all that goat hair? Dont tell him I think his winter coat is fugly.

Ok so before I shaved him, I lunged him with a new technique I thought of to help insrease the stretch through his back, and relax him at the trot.

I'm not a fan of gimmicky things, especially tie down like objects or those stupid pessoa things, but I thought this "contraption" (I use that word lightly) would work nicely.

I took the lunge line through his bit, over the poll, through the other side (tied a knot below the bit so the line wouldnt tighten too far, and ran it under to the girth).

This I figured would simulate contact on both bit rings, as well as ENCOURAGE, not force him to relax over the back. Since I tied the knot, there was no way to even force him anyways.

I also kept the sidereins at 7 on both side, even contact.

So as you can see, relatively nice. I can't upload my video from the other side, which was AWESOME, because he actually made a mistake, and you can see how this worked to correct him, in a gentle, non-forceful way.

I doubt I will use this everytime, but it was nice to switch it up and see him actively working.
In other news, this would be my latest attempt in thwarting the ponyface who can eat 4 flake sof hay in about 20 minutes. Just call him yankee.

Creep feeder hay bag, IN the hay rack.



  1. He looks much better as a hairless creature. I just can't get in to the fuzzy pony look.

    Can't watch video now, but it's an interesting idea. Glad it worked for you.

  2. I am impressed with your clipping skills :)

  3. Yanks got clipped... like a boss.

    Greta was full body clipped last winter when we were working our bums off. This year, with her being out 24/7 and going through light rehab, a clip would make no sense haha. Texas winters are mild anyway, coldest at about 32 but it can get colder on freak occasions, so a clip is not a huge deal. When it comes to clipping, it all gets down to what's fair to the hard-working (or not so hard-working heehee) ponyface.

  4. I like the hay net inside of hay rack idea! Did you tie it in so he can't pull it out over the top? I'll have to keep that in mind in case I ever need it. :D

    You did a great job on his clip. I can't even see the mistake you claim you made hehe.

    He looks good in the video too. I hope you'll post the other side if you can figure out how to get it uploaded.

  5. Thanks guys, im basically pro status at clip jobs :P
    As for the net, yes its tied in there. I would hate to have him get his legs caught!
    @ dressager, I've clipped him every yr. And he seems to do well in it! Better than w hair, oddly. hes a sweaty beastie.

  6. I've clipped like 15 horses now. I have 3 more to go...just trace clips too!
    I enjoy your creative clip.

  7. GOOD GOD woman...15 is 14 too many for me. I hate all the hair. I hope you have like, an industrial sized onsie you wear for that.
    Thank you too, I was going to clip tiger stripes in him for Mizzou, but the BF was with me and he got bored after about 20 minutes, haha.

  8. omg, I'm sure Laz's bear coat would RUIN clippers!! I have to say, I LURVE a clipped sexy horse!! I think it looks tres chic :) Yanks listens so damn well to your commands! He's gorg..

  9. I trained the shit outta him, that's why lol. The canter trans. was crap, he usually/needs to do it immediatly. Oh well!

  10. lmao I really just wear my normal breeches and a coat that hair doesn't stick to. I commend you for shaving his face with Body Clippers, one what a GOOD BOY! and 2, I'd never hear the end of it if they looked like shit lol.

    haha stripes.