Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wow, Winning.

Another video of the same jumps, different order

As you can see, some brilliant, calm and small, coursework by the ponyface and I on 11/27

I would like to point out the minimal bucking/squeals coming from Yankeepants, landing on the correct leads, my super solid lower leg and wonderous jumping position. Quite solid if you ask me. *bows*

I know I've about dropped off the radar, but over T-giving I was in Ohio, and did no riding whatsoever, even though Ben kept Yankee in shape whilst I was gone. I hope to pick up the riding schedule more after next Friday when my rape-week is over. 4 exams in 5 days BEFORE finals week might just send me over the edge.

I went to see my pony in STL on my way to Ohio, so that was fun. Pictures on FB because I am too lazy/in a hurry to upload them onto here.

Not much to update, except that I am SUPER poor (but I did just get a legit new job that pays quite well....Can you say HELLO NEW TURNOUT BLANKET?!?), dying under the weight of exams, losing weight/running :D and clipping the goat-ponyface tomorrow. About time.

Sorry I am not more interesting but I have no super good news to report, or bad news to speak of, so thats brilliant.

I will continue to live vicariously through you, fellow bloggers, until my riding-mojo is restored.

OH and I WILL have a post on horse slaughter...coming soon. Some of you may be a BIT surprised on my views regarding this touchy subject. Dun Dun DUN.


  1. Nicely ridden! I'm jealous of your mad skills, but definitely not of your schedule.

  2. You two look great! I hope you're able to get to riding again soon. Good luck with finals.


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