Friday, February 10, 2012

But How?

So one of my readers asked me to do a before/after post and explain how I've manged to drop 30lbs since lasy May. Oh right, HEY GUYS IVE LOST THIRTY POUNDS IN LESS THAN A YEAR :D :D

Ok Ok, sorry, I'm just seriously happy/proud of myself because I thought I'd be a fatty boomblattie the rest of my life.

Without further ado; BEFORE:
May 2011
July 2011...mmmm look at those thighs and that stomach, by golly!

How did I manage to gain 30lbs you ask? Severing my achilles tendon in August of 2009, then fracturing my tibia in Jan. of 2010. No matter what I ate, I gained weight because I was on crutches. And I didn't really notice till I could walk again. I dropped about 15lbs once I could walk again, but re-gained it in my relationship with my ex. He was from the south and always made delicious rib-sticking meals. I always said "Oh its just this one time". Every night. HAHAHA.

I finally woke up a few months before he drop kicked me out of his life and started going to the gym more regularly. It wasnt until he broke up with me in August that I really cared.

How else was I to nab myself a super-sexual-better-than-Mr. Loser himself, if I was about 20lbs overweight? Sure I had a great rack, but tina-the-talking-tummy and Thunder Thighs were more important to ditch than keeping my super star boobies. I do miss them though. Sadface.


How did I do it you say?

Through self-hatred and thoughts that I would never be happy again, blah, blah, blah. It was EXTREMLY difficult to go at first. I felt fat and out of place at the gym and it HURT. Like a bitch. But I kept pushing myself. "Slowly but surely" I kept telling myself. I kept going at it and lost 10 more lbs. But I didn't really know what I was doing and kinda just did whatever till I was tired. Not the most productive thing ever.

It wasn't until I met Mr. Sexyface...
(say hello to Sexyface :))

...that I REALLY got my ass into gear and dropped the remaining fattyness. Working out is basically his hobby. No, his life. And he's boss at it. Since I started dating him, I figured I'd come with him since its what he likes to do, and I drag him to the barn on occasion. Seemed like a good deal.

He ended up motivating me (since I am literally one of the laziest people I know) and teaching me some more "moves" at the gym. I credit most of my weight loss to him. Thank you BF :)

Also, together we stopped eating fast food. Not only was it expensive, but its like the worst thing for you to eat! That REALLY made the difference for me. I saw the fat literally melt off my body when we nixed fast food. I probably only eat it once every 2-3 weeks now, and it kinda makes me feel sick. As typical college students, we stay up pretty late, and if we were hungry we would just run out and get something. Or after drinking, of course. But it was easy for us to give it up together; and we got a Sam's Club card and buy the bulk of our semi-healthy food there.

I say semi-healthy because it know its not the greatest, but I am poor as shit and can't afford to spend $300/mo on groceries. Normally, my day consists of a bagel with cream cheese or kashi cereal, apple, coffee and protein bar/eggs/lunchmeat for breakfast. I try to NEVER skip. You boost your metabolism this way, and it keep your full longer throughout the day. Lunch usually consists of progresso soup, or a big, meaty sandwhich, as well as a can of tuna and an apple or carrots. For snacks, I have Kashi protein bars and V8 juice. NOMMY. Dinner is usually ravioli or more progresso soup and another can of tuna. I know, not very interesting. But thats what I can afford/what I eat and its working! If I get hungry late, I eat cereal, have crrots and hummus or drink another V8. Mostly though, at every meal I try to eat as much protein as possible.

Gym wise, I go at least 4 times a week, sometimes 6, as well as my barn job and house cleaning job, riding, and speed walking to and from classes.

Cardio wise, I like to spend 30 min on the elliptical regardless. I have an old leg injury (see above under "reasons why I got fat") which hurts like a bitch if I run for more than 20 minutes, and since I like to do 40+ minutes of cardio, I always start off on the elliptical. Then, I go to the treadmill and vary the workouts. Some days I do sprints, others, mileage work. Yesterday I did 10 minutes on the highest incline possible, walking, then ran for 20 minutes at a 9 minute mile pace.

Weights wise, I split my body into sections. I have upperbody-arms, upperbody-chest/back, core-abs/back then lower body-legs. And I rotate through them. Varying with free weights and machines.

So yeah, thats how I do it. It sucked at first, A TON. But now I'm used to it, and If I don't work out, I feel like shit. I feel STUPENDOUS these days after all this weight loss :D
SO here it is; AFTER:

2 weeks ago

January 2012
(haha this was the only good picture I could find of my whole body. What can I say, I like to party).

So as a recap...
1)GYM-4-6 days a week, cardio and weights
2) no fast food-which includes soda
4) Always breakfast


  1. Way to go! You look great and you sound so much more confident about yourself. :)

  2. It is ok. I like to party too.

    I have been on the opposite side of the coin, trying to gain weight. After I broke my neck the weight just fell off because I was loosing muscle and the combination of nausea and pain I just never could keep anything down. Eating was even painful so I just didn't want to eat. Just after Christmas I finally reached back to my normal weight. You make very good points, for ANY diet.

    Great job!!!

  3. You look amazing - Congrats! Now your show clothes are gonna fall off of you :)

  4. Good job!

    I lost 25 lbs last spring semester and I'm trying to do it again this spring... It was easier then because I had more to lose, but I've probably got another 30 lbs to go before I get to be a good weight. I'm a little more inspired to work a little harder now :D I know I CAN do it, it's just motivating my lazy self to go to the gym after a day of classes and then riding...

  5. Great equestrian blog - why not come and post it over at for more to follow? Be great to have you there!

  6. Hellooooo, Sexyface!

    Congrats on the weight loss! That's really amazing. Bryce lost 80 pounds last year and it was inspirational to watch. I do NOT have that kind of self control. I'm just trying to stop the weight GAIN and that's hard enough. Kudos to you!

    As an additional LOL:
    WV was 'reducto'. Haha.