Monday, February 6, 2012

Adventures With My "Helmet Cam"

Something about the air quotes just makes me giggle. Perhaps its because I feel as if I am giving the finger to the company who makes actual helmet cams, and coming up with my more fun way of doing things. Yeah, thats it.
I think Sunday I might even tape my camera to my helmet. I'm classy.
In other news, it appears that no one is blogging in winter time! A) that gives me nothing in class to do B) that means I don't get as many comments on my blog.
I pretty much base my self worth on the amount of comments (blog), likes (FB) and views (YouTube) I get.
But seriously.
ANYWAYS. Back to our soon-to-be-regular-weekly-hack.
Wonderful scenery of dead trees and brown wintery grass.
Random picture of a pond.
I like to take pictures.
Enter, the next chapter in my "helmet cam" adventure series. We went on a hack, as I've already established previously, and I narrated. Sort of. He spooked at a hawk, which I find hilarious, since he didnt even bat an eye at the 2 cars that came by him as we were cantering. He also bucked once, which you can kinds see and I also find amusing. It got really shaky near the end because of the wind.
I just can't get enough of him :) He's been on a frickin' role lately, and I'm over the moon with excitement. For years I've wondered if my little cray cray OTTB would ever settle and grow up. Look like he finally has!!
It was actually cold today, compared to the 60 degrees we've been having the past few weeks. So I busted out my handy half-sheet and we stayed cozy. Its exceptional for keeping my legs warm.
Does anyone else's legs get cold in winter? I find if I wear the "winter" breeches my legs just feel stiff and fuzzy, and I end up overheating. I need a solution to dis.
My favorite view in the whole world!
Down the road again, how I can't wait to go down the road again.
Joke fail? maybe
Like I said, I like to take pictures.
So I am kind of rambling, but since it is winter, not much has been going on. Amped for the show season. Hopefully our {jackie+me} bank accounts don't run too dry, since Yankeeface seems to be getting his game.
Enjoy your Tuesday. I know I won't! 9 hours of classes royally blow.
Sidenote: I can't get the fricking blogger to make spaces between my sentences. Sorry about that.


  1. Haha! I'm a comment whore too lol. I lose motivation to post at all if I'm not getting comments. :) I always try to comment on other people's blogs, but it takes me forever to catch up so they are usually a couple of weeks after the fact. I suck, I know lol. I'm combating that instant gratification thing hehe. Just kidding.

    Yay for Yankee!! He's such an awesome boy. I love your "helmet cam" videos lol. I love his mane flying back into the camera. :)

    For the cold legs I always used leg warmers, but I like the idea of the half sheet because you trap his body heat as it rises and use it to keep warm with. Cool idea!

  2. I've resigned myself to summer breeches with kerrits long johns. I hate hate hate winter breeches. I'd rather be cold and streamlined than quasi warm and poofy. Plus, is it just me or all the winter breeches sized differently? They seem to sag and bag and it's totally unappealing.

  3. I wish I had such places to ride out of the arena! Unforunately, all we have is the roads, which I'm scared to ride on even with a buddy because there are some shady people living around there, and the back pasture has a trail around it, and it's huge, but I fear doing anything more than a light canter around there because I'm between a deep ditch and a wire fence with just a couple of feet to spare on each side, so if she shies sideways, we're screwed either way. And rabbits like to run out in front of you back there, so this is not unlikely.

    Lucky you. But I love the helmet cam!

  4. What a fun ride! I'm impressed by how he handled cantering by the cars. The ONE time I took Laz past our one way road, we had two hooptie trucks come barreling down going 35 mph and kicking out rocks/gravel and Laz about crapped himself and bolted. How did you get Yanks to not care?

  5. Back home in Ohio, his pasture is by the road. He was in from age 4-8, so he learned to not care so much. Also, since I had no arena in Ohio, I rode on the road during the soggy months. He also learned not to care. At first the was a bit nervous of them, but he never bats an eye these days. Semi-trucks have even passe dus by and he could care less. Its crazy,

  6. Love me some horseback footage <3