Friday, February 3, 2012

Green Monster

So I have a confession to make.
NO one is allowed to judge me on this, because I KNOW you all think it too. Even if just a fleeting moment.
I get seriously pissed off/extremly jealous of those rich bitch riders who are so supremely spoiled that they don't even taken a second glance at whipping out their plastic for a 3k dressage saddle. Like seriously....what the frick.
I'm not gonna lie, I would lOVE to have that much money to throw around on a whim. If I want or even NEED something, I have to plan for it. Like, not eat very well for a week or so. I feed, clothe and put a roof over my horses' head by giving up a shit ton in my life, and working my ass off at two jobs.
I know, I know...if I'm complaining so much, why do I ride horses? Because I don't MIND doing all of those things for my passion and my horses. BUT I do have a problem with the spoiled brats who don't even realize what the eff they have and how lucky they are.
There's a girl I know who complains everyday on FB about how tired she is from riding her 3 beautiful IMPORTED horses in FLORIDA, and how mentally exhausting riding all of themevery weekend in an event can be and wah wah wah I want this and I want that, why didnt my stupid horse get that flying change perfectly and on and on and on.
Why cant you just be grateful that your parents pay for the move to FL every summer and your 3 amazing horses and your to competitions EVERY weekend, and the best tack money can buy,etc etc.
I'm sorry, but to me that is just ridiculous. And I felt like venting.


  1. It would be taxing to have three imported horses at events every weekend in Florida. I mean, in comparison, I have one homebred mare on stall rest in Idaho, which is ridiculous easy to manage, aside from my day-to-day deprivations to afford her. Of course, my version of a deprivation is still well above the standard of living for millions of people I also share the planet with. Hm.

    That said, next time she complains, tell her you have a friend with a lame horse who will probably trade lives with her.

  2. But I would love to be tired from competing my 3 imported Irish stallions. Just sayin.

  3. It's all about perspective. I knew a girl who complained her parents had ONLY spent $200k on her show season to prep for Young Riders. She begrudged me my "pass" on college because her parents were making her go to school and maintain good grades while riding. The same girl later ended up winning a $5000 grant from a national organization... It's frustrating, but that's the nature of the sport, for as much as everyone likes to pretend it's all about how hard you work.

  4. I have acquaintances like that in the hunter world. I removed them from my facebook and wave hi to them if I see them at shows. They were a negative influence and I do not ever need that. I agree about the perspective: when being well-to-do is all you know, it's hard to look past it. That's why I volunteer: so I know what it could be like to not be wealthy or healthy. That, and my family raised me proper haha. I have several well-to-do friends who could very well be like those complainers, but they took the time to see the big picture and be thankful and give back. And there are many pro riders out there who do, because many of them had to struggle to get where they are and even now are still heavily reliant upon syndicates and sponsors and owners. So, yes, there are kiddos out there that are ungrateful, but there are plenty others who actually do work for what they have, and I know that because I know many. I guess all I can say in conclusion is to not let it get to you: as long as you are not like that then you're good!

  5. So true :) I just needed to bitch, for real.

  6. It is ridiculous! Vent away! :)

  7. Um totally agree with you!! At least we know we are strong and can survive. If they ever lost their source of money, could you imagine how difficult it would be for them to adjust. They'd be totally lost.

  8. Guess I just have to add that you don't always know others circumstances. When someone gets a '3K Dressage Saddle', doesn't always mean they put it on plasic - you never know how long that person scrimped and saved to make that cash purchase.

  9. Kelly, I know that they are rolling in it and literally purchase these things w their parents money.