Saturday, February 4, 2012

Want Dis, Need Dis?

AHHH. Tis the delightful season of tack whoring to begin.

Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure this post makes me seem like a COMPLETE hypocrite from my previous post. I'll defend myself by saying that since I'm not a rich bitch, I can still dream and want nice things. Right? Right.

The first show is MAR 2-3, less than a month away, so of course, the whore brain inside me wants to buy all the things and break my bank account.

Most of these things I don't really need, it'd just be nice to have/make my life easier. But isn't that what America is about? Overconsumerism and instant gratification? Maybe. Normally I hate people like this, since they always want MORE MORE MORE. However, I feel like Yankee will be pretty legit this year, so his wardrobe needs to be legit shit too. I'm pretty sure at least SprinklerBandit can agree with me on this >:)

First item on the wish list
1). New Shipping boots-

I really could care less what brand, I just want easy to clean, nicely padded and long enough. Amigo is pretty cheap at $65, but if I'm boss enough, I think I can find some on Ebay for a lot less. Reason for new ones: My current full length ship boots are...disgusting. Moth eaten, dirty, ripped and just overall grosss. I can't have my pimp horse walking about in nasty duds now can I?

2). Mountain Horse Tall Field Boots-

I guess if I wanted to be cheap I could not get new boots this year, since my old (about 3 years) ones still look baller, buuuut they are WAY too short on my legs. They make me look stumpy and unkept. So I guess this purchase would be for fashion and looks, but I feel one should look the part. To me, short boots look messy and unprofessional. Price tag, about $300. I would also have to put darts in for my man calves and thatd be another $80.

3). A knit Chill Chaser -

I've had my current chill chaser about 6 years, and I heart the shit outta it, but its slowly nearing the end of its life. Its ripped all over the place & just getting ratty and gross. A new one would be stellar, and inexpensive; about $50. Again, I could always just have the ponyface look like trailer trash and keep using the one I have for the sake of saving money, but...psssssh, come on.

4). A combination bit for XC-

I have yet to find that PREFECT bit for XC. For dressage, I use a french-link loose ring and stadium he goes swimmingly in a loose ring waterford. The waterford is just slightly too precious for XC and a 3-ring elevator is just a bit too much for him now. Yanks is a respectable boy on XC, but he does enjoy it a titch, and has his " LEMME GO LEMME GO" baby racehorse moments still. I've worked quite hard with him on his XC manners, but there is only so much you can teach a OTTB; in fact, I'd rather him be excited, rather than lazy. I tried a hackamore on XC with him and it did not go well. I think it was too much leverage on his face and he basically tossed his head and ran into the fences the whole time. Fail. SO...I think this bit would be perfect and with a $75 price tag, not too bad for a combo bit.

5). Charles Owen Pro II-

I feel SO bad for drooling over this baby, since my parents bought me a tipperary eventer 2 years ago and it is still in perfect condition. BUT COME ONE, this thing is sexual. And I wanna hop on this trend train, for once. Every eventer at my barn has one. But gasp, at $194, I doubt I can swing it. I guess I can just cut and paste them onto my face in pictures.

6). A Brown Dressage Girth, for my XC saddle-

So we can match, DUHH. The OCD Tack whore in me really hates that I use the same girth for Dressage and XC. Not only is it black and my saddle brown, but the life of the girth will be much shorter. The dressage girth I have was relatively expensive ($170), so I'd like it to last. PLUS, I like to have a set of tack for each phase; helps with organization, tacking up and packing. I keep all my respective bridles, girths, pads, boots and saddles together for each phase, so I can just grab and go, rather than sort through a trunk. Its been the dickens to find though on Ebay and I sure as shit am not paying $294 for it from a tack store.

First world problems right?

7). Euro-fit poly pad for XC. White. BUT I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE!! GAH. Its just so stylish. So of course I want it.

I feel shame for so much want. 7 things isn't bad. In fact some people consider it a lucky number. I guess thats why I'm a whore.


  1. Haha, I can totally relate and approve. I actually already want half the things on your list (before I saw the list even) and my horse isn't even ridable. You look completely rationally next to me. ;-)

  2. There's nothing wrong with wanting new, nice things so long as we aren't putting ourselves in debt for that instant gratification you mentioned lol. We can dream! And we'd appreciate every single item. :)

    For your boots that are too short, could you put half chaps over them and pretend they are paddock boots? Or are tall boots required for showing? Can you tell I haven't ever competed? And I don't know much about eventing lol. I'm probably totally not helpful at all hehe. At least it gives you a chance to educate me though!

    I laughed out loud at the cut and pasting the helmet on your pictures. Too funny!!

  3. Yeah tall boots are required, or else I wouldnt care if they were too short or not haha

  4. You've got a lot of things on my list for showing this year. Except I'm trying to figure out the world of hunter princess fashion. :p Driving me INSANE. But Amber shows clear preference for doing hunter/jumpers so I will deal with the insanity of it all for her sake.

    I LOVE that CO. You should start a fundraiser for it. Haha...