Thursday, March 22, 2012

Drumroll Please

As promised, magnificent glorious wonderment that was our jump school last week. Really, the pics are different this time. I was trying to be all photographic and whatnot. With my crappy ass walmart camera. WHUT.

I wish I could have gotten a video of the course because it was BAMF. Yeah I should become a jump course designer. New goal in life.

I wanted to challenge Yankee with tons of verticals and lines and Jackie with her turns. I started with an airy oxer, round to a 3 stride, vertical/oxer. Then a rollback turn to a ridiculous vertical and bending line to a rolltop. Rollback to vertical wall, bending line to another vertical wall. Rollback to vertical bounces, 2 strides to triple bar. Yeah, Boss.

But first, Pronto.

BA HAHAHA Saddlebredin' it upppp.

Aw, so angry.

This is the ridiculous vertical, jump 4. He jumped it like shit. Everytime.

Jump 3, part of the vertical to oxer line. Always jumped it nicely.

Wall #1, of the bending wall line. Jumped like crap, everytime. As usual with verticals.

Fence 1, the airy Oxer

The first of the vertical bounces, jumped kinda crappy, but never knocked over

to the....

Triple bar madness. LOVE this shot

Um, can we say artistic please?? And BOSS

Fly without wiiiiings

I realize I could have posted the pictures in the jump order, but thats for people who play by the rules.

After that fun, I was like, lets school a water jump!! Not like you've ever done it before or anything!! YAY.

Yankee was not very amused...

"Um, WTF, this is not sanitary. What about bacteria?!"

I was actually surprised-it took us about 2 minutes to get him to go in the first time. NOT COOL Yankee. You are 10 years old and have been jumping in to water since you were like, 5. My guess was that because her hasn't competed since August, he was like, say whaaaaat? But then he got over himself....

"Oh right, this is easy."

SO yeah. Fun day!

I leave for FL tommorrow morning at 4am! After the Hunger Games. Pretty stoked. What I am trying to say is that I won't be posting for a week. Try no to miss me.


  1. Wow you take great pictures. Love them. They look great tho. What a pair. Tough course too.

  2. Love that triple bar shot!! Cool angle.

    Have fun in FL... on a non-pony holiday. Weirdo.

  3. PARENTS ARE PAYING FOR IT. So I will enjoy every non pony moment. Well,sort of.

  4. Awesome pics and great riding.


  6. I WISH my horse could do a triple.


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