Monday, March 19, 2012

The Weekend.

I've been extremely unproductive for 4 days.

Blogging. Pinteresting. Buying things I shouldn't...Sleeping. Working. Pretty much just wasting time like a boss.

Perhaps its the fact that I can't focus on studying because FL is looming about 4 days away now. Perhaps because I am frustrated with basically everything. Perhaps the fact that I have extreme anxiety and lay awake all night, then can't function all day. Perhaps because its been storming all weekend, and I am literally deathly afraid them. Or perhaps because the thought of all the shit I have to do before I leave is overwhelming and my brain implodes. Or perhaps because I have a wicked case of senioritis. I can't decide.

Yankee got his ass kicke dby Jackie and I this weekend with a dressage school, jump school and hack out. But before all that.

This is the most BA cross country jump. Ever. Oh to live in the south.

Drew this while tying to convince my body to let me sleep.

I bought this.

Can we please talk about how sexual this helmet is and how STOKED I am to get it??!? I realized while talking with friends, that I fell off a year ago and hit my head on the jump (as well as my back). Continued riding with said helmet for a year. OOPS. This ligitimized my lusting for this Charles Owen Pro II. I got it for $175 on Ebay, retails for like $250+. Winning, yeah?

You're about to judge me for this next picture. I know it.

Yeah, I hacked out in shorts today.

Let me explain. vet was supposed to come at 3:30. I got to the barn at 2:45, planning to just do chores until then. Then I got a text from Hannah, saying her appt was also for 3:30. Well shoot. I was all alone at the barn, so no one could judge me in person. What the heck dude, let's go for a hack. Not like there are looming thunderheads in the horizon.

It brought me back to my crazy childhood days were I rode bareback, in shorts and tank tops basically every day.

And it felt so nice out, with the thunderstorms rolling in! I've been DYING in the 80+ degree temps.

We hacked out for 40 minutes on a lovely gravel road with tons of rolling hills for trotwork. Yankee was a piece of shit, spooking at every leaf blowing. Which is like, a million. I rode him in the hackamore, trying to give him a break, which he responded to and seemed to like, thank God-even if he was psycho. He made up for his daft-ness with some stellar trot/canter work on the hills. Love that road for conditioning.

BO gave me these! UM.....WINNING!

Ba hahaha, ohhhh Pronto, you are so huge and muddy and sleepy.

I love my vet. He's like, the nicest guy ever, and super good with horses. Yankee was scheduled for his coggins, 5-way shot and teeth float. Wanna find the quickest way to drop $200+ in less than 15 minutes? Call the vet out! YAY! not.

Actually, despite that, MO vets are CRAZY cheap compared OH. Like by almost $200. My visit today for one horse, would have been about $375+. GASP. Actually everything is cheaper here. Farrier: MO-Full set-$90; OH-$200+. Board: MO-$180-$220; OH-$375+ Hay: MO-$3/bale; OH-$5-$9/bale etc etc etc. So I can't complain.


So sleepy. So very sleepy.

The vet peaced out, and thats when I noticed the blood pouring from his mouth and pooling on the floor... I looked for a cut, but I couldn't find one. Just blood. lots of blood. Felt bad for him :/

I also took the opp to clean his sheath which was, uber fun, of course. Gotta love horse ownership. Where one doesn't blink at smegma and blood covering their hands, and goes about carrying on conversations. BA hahahaaaa.

So tomorrow, I told Jackie to limit to walking and he needs to be ridden in the hackamore for a few days since I'm not sure where he got cut. Luckily, he was able to eat and drink just fine.

Jumping pictures coming soon!


  1. I actually quit reading at $3/bale... My mind just blanked and spazzed out... here in texas you're looking at 13/bale at least. And that is back home, not here in the panhandle.

  2. I'm betting this summer hay prices will rocket

  3. I need to get Pippis teeth done so bad. Like last month would have been a good choice. Does look like it will happen this month thanks to the leg. Hope his cut gets better.

  4. w00t shopping

    Glad Yanks is all properly vetted now. I'm doing my best avoidance techniques right now....