Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stillwater Stables

I originally had another post today, but in the light of my favorite instructor putting out her video, I wanted to share with you all!

I rode with Connie before she became a non-profit org., taking dressage lessons. She helped me with Yankeeface and his excitable nature and taught me how to teach a baby dressage. She is a wonderful person and I love what she has done for the community with her farm.

I actually donated Dolly (my first horse, an older Arab mare. See "previous horses" tab above in pages) to her stable in hopes that Dolly would make a god child riding horse. Sadly, when her husband, like my father, got laid off from DHL, they had to sell her. Then, several of their horses had medical issues and they lost almost all of their riding horses.

Over time, and the gracious help of others, they regained their footing and are truckign on stronger than ever.

I just wanted to share her story with you all, since she was such a huge part of my teenage life.

PS I despise this new blogger. Why, blogger. WHY.


  1. if you want your old blogger back go to the "wheel" looking thing in the top right corner and click on it, then you should see revert to old blog or something like that :)

  2. Sounds like she was a wonderful part of your life! :) I love when you find an instructor that you really click with; it's great.

    Haha, for a few minutes (until I saw "The Fullers" comment) I thought you were saying you despised me! (since I'm a new blogger) hahaha I got worried there for a minute...

    1. Hate all the new bloggers. ALL OF THEM. :P