Saturday, May 12, 2012

Oh Lawdy, Today Was Not A Good Day For This

Tis' graduation weekend. Today I walk across the stage and receive that $78,000 Diploma that pretty much just says that I conformed to collegiate standards and barely scraped by on the skin of my teeth. Yay.

Anyways, magically, Yankee's jumping problem went away altogether. Jackie jumped him for her parents on Friday and he was perfect. Freakin' weirdo.

It being graduation weekend, I found someone to feed the pony for me (I'm on self care board) all weekend PM's, so I could spend it with my family that came up. Pretty awesome actually, because driving to the barn twice a day, everyday gets old REAL quick. No offense Yanks!

I got the barn early to feed and Yankee was already at the gate. Warning signs. His head was also hanging and he nickered to me. OK, big neon warning sign flashing in my face.

I remained calm and s didn't need more than .03 seconds to see what was wrong with him.

The girl who fed him last night attached his fly sheet to his cribbing collar, which was now halfway down his neck, cutting off all the circulation to the front half of his neck, and whole head. IT. WAS. SO. SWOLLEN. I almost cried!

He was in a ton of pain since the collar is meant to stay right behind his jowls and only tighten when he cribs. It was now around the meaty muscle of his neck, still as tight as it is when its where its supposed to be.

I didn't know what to do! I thought that by taking it off, all the blood would rush out of his face to quick and kill him. Crazy right? My mind thinks of the worst.

I struggled to get it off since it was so tight, but instantly after the swelling went down and he was much more chipper.

He acted liek his old self again and charged into his stall for noms. He ate his grain as usual, and I was a little relieved.
The flash makes the giant lump behind his jaw hard to see, and the one on his neck. Not even sure why I added this pic.

I'm still worried about damage to his muscles though. There are these massive lumps all over his neck and face and they are quite hard. GAH.

I REALLY hope this didn't permanently damage anything :/ I have a barn friend checking on him all day since I can't just leave my whole family at the Hearnes Center, watching everyone else graduate while I sit with my horse all day. But dammit. I want to!


  1. That is absolutely horrifying. Was there nobody else at the barn to spot this? Wow. Lucky you got there when you did.

  2. Dom is right, horrifying. Wow. I hope everything goes back to normal!! I'd find an equine massage therapist to come and work on his neck with those lumps.

    Congrats on graduation :)

  3. I was freaking out.
    And I'm on self care so no one checks on him

  4. That sucks, I hope everything turns out OK. His muscles are probably just sore from the tightness and swoll up. Poor Yankee. :(

  5. Yikes! Poor dude. I can't imagine what would prompt someone to do that. :-/ Hope all is well and congrats on graduating!

  6. What the heck was that girl thinking??? Had she never seen a cribbing collar before? I'm so sorry it happened and I really hope Yankee is okay and not permanently affected by it.... oh and congrats on graduating. :)