Sunday, May 13, 2012

Graduation Visit

The entire family wanted to see Yankee today, and after a WHOLE day of worrying and not being able to see him (regarding the crib collar/fly sheet issue) I was relieved to see that the swelling had almost all gone down and he was almost 100% back to normal. I haven't ridden yet to see if he's stiff, but PHEW!

Doesn't he look ridiculous in his fly gear?! (also, that is my Mizzou Alumni shirt. Feels weird to say...)
Yeah I am one of THOSE owners. Decking their horses out in fly suits. (In my defense, he seems to be happier when he doesn't have flies eating him non-stop. He is quite the baby.)
At least he doesn't have leg wraps for flies. Now THAT would be excessive. 
 Also, I found this gem at the grocery store today..

Why yes, that IS a 25lb. bag of carrots.

I was tempted to buy it just to say I had 25lbs. of carrots. But I didn't.

In other news, I missed my favorite horse trial this weekend, but I also am sending the Queeny Park entry tomorrow to make up for missing MCPC.

Prrrretty stoked, even if I'm not the one riding.

I hope to ride the pony for the first time in like, a week, tomorrow in between crazy paperwork for Alum stuff, paying remaining school tuition, job hunting and etc. etc.

I promise more exciting blog posts will come in the future. XC schooling May 20th and various other fun happenings.


  1. oooo my Safeway has big ol bags of carrots like that too!!! :)

  2. Congrats Grad and phewww is right about Yankee feeling back to 100%. Crisis averted! Cant wait to hear more about xc being I'm now obsessed!

  3. Congrats and all that.

    So glad Yanks is feeling good. Fly sheets are important to some sensitive souls. :-) Cuna's is on it's way.

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  5. Congrats!! I'm glad Yankee is back to normal. :D I really like his new fly mask. Is it staying on better?