Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Whoah Dudes

Trying to stay positive...but with all of you buying new ponies, having wonderous adventures, competing in the AEC's and all that jazz...I'm having a hard time because that is all I want to do...not be working my ass off at minimum wage jobs, barely paying my bills..lusting after shows I can't attend.

I won't beat around the bush...

Yankee for lease again....tell your friends about my badass!

He's pretty legit.

Also Y U NO READ MY POSTS bloggerz!?  Blogging traffic is dead these days.


  1. I'm having wondrous adventures with my barely-paying-bills job. Like... let's not even talk about money.

    Best of luck with the lease. Hopefully it will give him some more exercise and you a financial/mental break. :)

  2. I am still reading... Sort of. Every once in awhile. About once or twice a week I check blogger.

    All these people depress me too.

    But more because 3 weeks and one day ago I still had a horse, and as of exactly three weeks ago today all I have left is a halter, and a braid of tail hair, and a box of tack I refuse to sell.

  3. I am still reading!!

    Sorry that the money department sucks.. i feel you and know what you mean! We never eat out or buy anything so I can scrape enough mula for the horse :) You aren't alone!

  4. Ha come read my blog! I ride less than you do, but there's always lots of pictures which I know you like hehe. You'll feel super productive and energetic after reading mine hahaha!