Monday, October 8, 2012

Say Herro to Emma

This is Emma, Bloggers.

 She is a badass. I shall explain more in a moment.

This was her first time riding Yanks, and he hasn't been in regular work since like...June.

I realize I've been not blogging very much. Its because we live a very unexciting life and I'm sure you've all heard me go round the horn a million times and just don't want to hear it anymore. So while you all are wrapping up your show seasons and having funsies and doing things and being badasses, we've just been over here getting fat.


In my desperate search for a leaser to help me pay for Yankee so I won't have to sell him, I found Emma. Not exactly what I was looking for since she can't pay at all....but she is a phenomenal rider. Like seriously. And I'm sure Yankee would like to be ridden, and in my depressive state, I don't want to, so....welcome to the team Emma! :)

She's been riding since forever, is a freshman in college and is basically a beast. I think she rides better than me actually and I'm like....not sure if impressed...or jealous. Hopefully she will be able to keep the beast in some work while I'm over here eating my anxiety and rocking back and forth in fetal position because apparently bachelors degrees in Business don't mean shit anymore.

But I digress.

 I DID ride my horse the other day on a trail pride with Pronto and H. It was actually fun and Yankee was so happy to get out. I swear, our horses are SAINTS. We took them through a new trail/road, and on that road were these absolutely massive backhoes/ construction equipment. They were rumbling around not 20 feet from us, banging and being vicious....I'm pretty sure other horses would have flipped the fuq out, but Pronto and Yankee just glanced at them and kept on trucking. H and I were blown away.

Saintly Beasts.

In other news. Its officially fall and I shall be clipping the Yankee soon. Luckily its been cool enough that I've had a light sheet on him for almost 2 weeks, and I think its stunted his hair growth, for once. Normally he's like a mammoth and its ridiculous.
Pretty black pony beast.

So until then, Bloggers.


  1. They make a very cute pair :)

  2. Well that sucks that she can't pay, but she's definitely a good rider! I'm glad you found someone to ride him for you. :D

    Aren't the hacks fun? So good for relaxing, unwinding, cheering up... :)

    Oh and FYI my life is boring too haha! I don't show and haven't been riding, so don't feel bad. Remember boring can be a good thing... excitement isn't always good excitement LOL!